San Andreas (seemingly) useless glitches megathread
8 years ago
Hampshire, England

Here's a few classics I found going through my youtube:

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South Yorkshire, England

Store any vehicle in the police impound.

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videos I already have on my youtube

not strictly useless cause it can save minimal time if done first try, but realistically it is danang thang map bug

once again, if someone found another location for this, it could be faster than intended strats, but right now it's seemingly useless chiliad mapbug to the cabin

sweeper bug, climb tall buildings by parking with the door entry slightly away from the wall

random mapbug at the sf airport

'melee sliding'


not my videos, but some 'cool' stuff

everyone under the coughing affect will be killed when backstabbing someone

use the vortex as a 'submarine'

Massachusetts, USA

"Fall-buffering" or something

oh yeah I forgot this someone prove me wrong please, there doesn't seem to be a way to take the exit from here, or to jump over the wall so you dont have to go the entire way around as the gap is too small


Does not work.

You need to go through all the triggers in order for the end trigger to be active.


There is totally useless coding error in High Stakes, Low Rider, so weird that one may say it was made deliberately. If you fail High Stakes, Low Rider mission (not the race itself) in any way except destroying your own car, the screen will turn black. It's usual fade (just like when starting missions) but without set ending value. If you fail the mission by getting wasted or busted, the fade will be reset, but if you manage to destroy Cesar's car, the fade will stay. Also all sounds will be removed, but they work fine after pause. Fade is removed if you manage to get to mission marker, for example, or if you die or get busted.

To destroy Cesar's car, get a parachute and hit the car while having parachute equipped. Maybe his car can be pushed to the water, that would "destroy" it too.

The glitch does not work during the race itself (it's technically different mission) and with other cars (destroying them doesn't fail the mission).

If you do this to remove sounds, would dialogs skip like when you disable your audio card ?


Here's a video of the glitch Nick described (I drown myself to regain visibility)


Duping ambulances This might work with other vehicles such as the police car and taxis with a fixed spawn but I haven't tried. It only spawns after you've started the submission though so I don't think you can dupe vehicles other than those with a submission.

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Hampshire, England

That's interesting Bastant. Does the game check to see if you have respawned at the hospital, and if you did it spawns an ambulance? However it's checking this it can be tricked by a replay, it might not be useful but still interesting to know.

EDIT: Oh it needs the side mission, interesting... could we perhaps dupe a police bike?


I edited the text since I think the spawn needs to be fixed so if there is a fixed spawn for a police bike it might work, are there any such spawns?

EDIT: I also find it strange that it only spawns at one of the ambulance spots, it never spawns an ambulance on the spot closest to where you spawn after you've died.

EDIT2: I also managed to do it without the submission once or twice by aiming with a rocket launcher while I had a phone call, might've been the phonecall that spawned it those times though.

I came across another glitch while trying to learn how to control the girlfriend progress bar. I cannot remember seeing this before.

Take Denise on a date and go to the basketball court next to Sweet's house. Start the basketball minigame and stand next to the girl, then when you start to throw the ball press tab to kiss her. The game will bug out and the ball should freeze in mid-air. After this the date will sometimes end and sometimes not (don't know why), and you'll be stuck with the fixed camera from the minigame.

If the date ends, play a previously recorded replay to regain control of CJ and use the minimap to navigate inside his house to get the third person camera back. If the date doesn't end, kiss the girl once more to regain the third person camera. Also the basketball will be fixed at CJ's feet.

You should now be able to play the game again, although you can't start R3 missions or change weapons. I assume the basketball minigame is still seen as active. The game will also be in a semi-ghostworld state with very few peds and cars. Getting busted or wasted will not end the glitch. Starting another basketball game and quitting it normally will end it, also completing another date will end it.

The glitch will also continue after triggering some story missions, but other missions will end it instantly. I have only tried 3 or 4 missions though, but the only mission it had an obvious effect was during house party which wouldn't progress after killing the first group of ballas.

/edit: Doing missions doesn't seem to end the glitch as I first thought, but it gives you control of your weapons again. The glitch will prevent phonecalls, it also prevented the long doberman cutscene from triggering, so it will halt some game progress until you cancel the glitch. While the glitch is active CJ's default clothes texture will for some hilarious reason be placed on top of whatever he is currently wearing during cutscenes. It looks like kissing the girl once while holding the ball might prevent the date from ending when you kiss her while throwing. I also failed to regain control when I played a replay from the same area as I did the glitch, so the replay might have to be made some distance away.

/edit2: It looks like the same glitch can be done without a date. Play back a replay after throwing the basketball and before picking it up again to glitch out of the minigame. Then enter a house to regain the camera.

/edit3: A similar glitch can be done when playing pool in the bar close to grove street. Press F3 and Enter to watch a replay and start a game of pool simultaneously. The other pool player will leave and you can't start any missions, sidemissions or minigames after that. The only way I could end it was to die (didn't try to get busted).

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I don't think there is a place that a police bike spawns, but u can dupe police cars by going to the police car garage and duping the vehicles.


The Truth's call that creates the optional TT marker for AYGTSF sets the max wanted level to 5. If you never take it, you can get the Patriot outside missions with 4 stars. Missions that use "set max wanted level" set it back to 4 again, not 5. Interdiction sets it to 6.

Edit: Do you have to take that call because it is "in tge way" otherwise?

Hampshire, England

Yeah you have to take that call because it comes in before the other high priority ones you have to take.

Friesland, Netherlands

In unrelevantness to anything really: I am surprised 5 and 6 stars are not unlocked by missions like The Green Sabre and Yay Ka Boom Boom, or AYGTSF itself, or Learning To Fly. R¤ really likes to unlock stuff after Learning To Fly, surprised that 6¤ isn't one of them.


This is not even a glitch, but rather an explaination of a game mechanics, that may be useful in runs.

Unlike previous versions of GTAs, San Andreas has both police bikes and police cars. However, game doesn't choose random vehicle among these two. At each moment of time, game is guaranteed to have only one model loaded in memory, and even if it has both, it it still determined which one will be used as police vehicle.

There is a special flag, that defines which vehicle will be loaded (no matter, random police vehicle in traffic, ot pursuit vehicle from wanted level, however, of no more than 2 stars). At the beginning of the game, right after player appears outside of interior, it sets default vehicle to copbike and chooses a random number between 30000 and 50000, the time in ms when value of this flag will be changed. This change, however, happens only if all of the following conditions are true:

  1. player is outside of interior
  2. player has less than 3 wanted stars
  3. player is either in LS, SF or LV (not badlands, desert, etc)
  4. mission script hasn't explicitly forbidden to spawn police bikes If any of these conditions is not satisfied, game will use cop car as a default vehicle and the state change time will not be updated (until all the conditions are true again).

How does it work: at the beginning of the game, for a period of 30 to 50 seconds, game's default cop vehicle is cop bike. Any time game decides to spawn a police vehicle it will be a bike. After it the state changes, default cop vehilcle is LS cop car, and this lasts for a period of 30 to 50 seconds and so on.

About condition 4: there are two missions that forbid cop bikes to spawn, which are Drive By and Cop Wheels. This explains why a cop bike spawning trick works at the end of Drive By: right after mission ends, game state is released, and since time condition has been satisfied a long time ago, it immediately changes to cop bike.

Now a little bit about thing I am not sure. The fact is that it's not only a vehicle that is loaded, the driver model is loaded as well. And the possible thing that I didn't test is that with loading a new vehicle and a driver game may add the old ones to possibly unnecessary models. As far as I know, cop car driver is the same model as a usual cop. So if the default vehicle is cop bike it may be possible that there will not be on-foot cop spawns at this time. This may explain why sometimes during Big Smoke there are no cops on the street.

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