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KZ had an interesting bullshit during Driving School. In this attempt, he got a phone ring sound on the "lesson demonstration TV" after every lesson.

TL;DR if you get a phone ringing sound, make sure that it is actually a call and not just an audio bug. It should show a box with the text "press CAPS to take the call" or whatever (not guaranteed). Also, calls can only come in 15 seconds after you ended them. So you cannot get a "real" phone ring (that comes from a call rather than an audio bug) right after starting a mission.

The reason is that the game simply loads mission audio into slots and then refers to them by slot numbe r :


Something got messed up, though. I know that the game always uses slot 3 for phone ringing sounds. So for some reason, LOAD_MISSION_AUDIO did not load the TV sound into slot 3 and the phone sound that was already loaded in the same slot was used instead. :D

Btw, the reason that KZ was stuck on om1 after the HJ cs was that since the audio system was messed up, the call got stuck loading mission audio -> you cannot hang up -> you have to cancel it like a ringing call, by shooting for example (or does that not work? get onto the bike then to cancel). Thread about that bug: https://www.speedrun.com/gtasa/thread/8mqxg

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to avoid transparent star or whatever (mainly Against All Odds) switch the camera to 1st person


What Reset talks about (that you drive through a cop bribe) is due to pickup cycles. The game only checks if you are inside the bribe every several frames.

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Not sure how that falls under bullshit, that happens every time. You have to face the garage to enter it, makes perfect sense to me

I guess CJ is too hot

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You know how when you steal a car from the passenger door while holding sprint, it kills the driver when they get out? Looks like that's what happened to you, a cop stole your car from the passenger door.

thriving's on the other hand is truly a mystery. Invisible fire maybe???

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that has happen to me as well thriving not to often but i've seen that

I think that happens because of gas station blow up, in Andra's badlands pb some random car catch fire out of nowhere.


@illuminati7777 I think I know what happened. So you started accelerating, cop was getting here and passenger's doors were closing. Once cop got in car the doors closed automatically and cop didn't have to close them by himself so he went straight to driver site and he killed you.


I believe this happened to FLYING as well.

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The one with the car catching fire out of nowhere happens when a BMX or Bike catches fire. In thriving's video, you can see a bike for a couple of frames riding past the gas station. I also have a video on the bug.

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I don't have a recording of this but when i was doing Learning to Fly, when i pulled my parachute it didn't work and killed me, I was able to finish flight school with a glitched health bar, and then died. I believe the same thing happened to another speedrunner outside of flight school.

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Denzal, thanks for the bicycle post/video. Here is an example from Dates's run. You cannot see the bicycle catch fire but it is very likely.

The game puts the van with CJ inside it up there in the sky every frame to keep them safe - from CJ, for example. Perhaps this is too high for random planes to crash into it, Code Monkeys? :D

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Note that I meant this thread as "bullshit you should know about for runs", not for funny stuff. This is not GTAF, so I do not become dictator by making a thread. ;) Just take it into consideration.

E: I copied this Intensive Care thing over to the crash thread where it belongs. Intensive Care Make sure that CJ is not bailing out as you enter the "marker" at the hospital or you crash the game. The reason is that the mission gives the player vehicle double health after the cs and if you bail, there is no player vehicle, causing a crash.

Code: https://i.imgur.com/54VvbyM.png

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Oyster collecting Problem: When you take a call before jumping into the water to pick up an oyster, you swim right through the oyster and it is not collected. Prevention: Avoid falling between the moment the "CJ picks up phone" animation is done (which is shortly after the talking starts) and pressing F. In other words, fucking hold F. :P Edit: It seems only consistent if you fall while the conversation is already ongoing, I don't feel like looking into this deeper. Intervention:

  1. Swim back to land.
  2. If that would be very slow, you can try jumping out of the water (so that you get the call in the fraction of a second CJ is outside the water). I have not looked into alternative ways to fix it. Replays crash my testing installation, atm. D :

Edit: [1:13 AM] Powdinet: @Patrick the oyster not collecting glitch also happens when you jump out of the helicopter without it landing on top of the water sometimes (which is why I land with the seasparrow instead of jumping out right before in all oysters)

NRG spawn after Just Business [Old knowledge] You can accidentally despawn this bike with your mouse while aiming. We recommend not moving the mouse after shooting the gate (I did not believe this early was adequate at first but experience tought me it is).

Monster call Avoid the water near the boat. It "invalidates" your call.

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BS was just unable to shoot

  1. / 2) are Reset quotes

Tanker flipping and disconnecting is caused by you touching the wall cc: Tanker Commander , Highjack cc

"Cop getting the "get back on the bike" objective. He couldn't initially because he was stuck" (until Smoke pushed the car away).

  1. Management Issues Getting spotted: If any of the drivers has distance < 160 in X or Y direction at the moment the car counts as sunk, you are spotted.
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