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Edit: Add all your bullshit here and maybe someone can make sense of it. I think I am going to build something here over the months. Feel free to skip the trivia.

555 We Tip

  1. [in the carpark] "You were spotted killing the Valet" Video Prevention: You have to let the valet drive a bit further than when the "kill him" text appears. Trivia: [quote]I have solved it (thanks to SCRLog :)). The "Valet is in the car park" text was triggered by the Valet entering the car park. But you failed because the clothes (!) landed outside. It does not make sense that the location the clothes are put at make a difference, but that is how R¤ coded it - lazy fuckers. ;)[/quote]

    • [instantly after killing the Valet] "You are wanted" Bullshit: You can get a wanted level as soon as the Valet is dead (sensitivity_to_crime=1.0). Ergo, if you shoot your smg one bullet more after the Valet is dead and a cop is nearby, you are wanted and fail the mission. Prevention: Use a shotgun or pistol instead. Edit:
  • Reset got a WL when blowing him up with a missile, too.
  • I got a wanted level when I picked up the uniform (or right when I killed him?) after waiting until my wanted star vanished before entering the car park.

2a) [As the D.A. enters the parking space] Something blocks his way. He does not leave his car and the Valet enters it, failing the mission. Prevention: Make sure nothing blocks his way. Video More commonly, it is your car that blocks the way, so drive it away.

  1. [after parking the D.A. car in the garage] Getting a wanted level from stealing a car Bullshit: Cops can see through walls. There is a sidewalk nearby, so if a cop walks there he witnesses you stealing it. Prevention: Well, run instead. DansGame

    • [while driving the D.A.'s car] "Spotted wasting Valet" Bullshit: a Valet can "randomly" die Hypothesis: One valet drives the car you parked at the parking spot and runs over the other Potential prevention: Drive your vehicle out of the parking zone during the waiting time. If the valet enters it and gets stuck in front of his colleague, push him 90° so that he can drive of.
    • several killings Prevention: make sure that you keep dangers away in general, like confused bike cops driving on the parking location (Video)
  2. [When despawning traffic] A cop car spawning right in front of you, causing a crash -> wl. Intervention: You can try to bail before crashing, perhaps? Prevention: Try to drive in the middle of the road / on tracks / where no cars can spawn in general, it will save you quite some time. Also, try to learn from Reset's WR to despawn without car spawns right in front of you?

    • getting a wanted level in general This is not actually bullshit, but Prevention: make sure that no cop is in 14 meter radius as you do criminal stuff nobody cares about, normally. Also keep in mind that the trivial offenses like running people over can build up to a star.
  3. Some nice unsolvable 555 meme 8a) If the ZR Valet gets stuck driving to the car park, pull him out of the car (don't enter it if cops are nearby). He will take the next car to the car park, hopefully with more success. ^^

    • The D.A. never spawns Someone (I forgot who) thinks that this happens if a customer gets pissed and keeps driving around. I do not know the solution anymore. Most likely, you need to drive his car away. I suppose you should kill him, too (by entering from the passenger side holding sprint).
  4. As soon as a Valet gets stuck under a car, he dies. Fragile pieces of shit.

And another one from 100% - obsolete but for the sake of completion) - [while eating Pizza] Wasted a valet Interiors like to mess with AI coords. Demo video in Vigilante.

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Then you'll be able to dupe every mission you want.


Do you have anything of value to say, too?

555 We Tip by Wuzi 3m 50s 8Track by darles92 4m 27s

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Yes, but not about 555.

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Good. ^^ (DW, this is not about 555, it is about bullshit) Post your bullshit here, guys, come on. ^^

Too long didn't watch version for everyone: Pay attention when you enter the club through the skylight. If you do not get the "Sneak up on Jizzy" message, then keep holding your call, leave and re-enter the club.

If that call holding thing is new to you, you are supposed to hold it into the club and cancel it (after the cinematic, for example), so that you can kill Jizzy with the sniper rifle and RPG.

Cause of the softlock Short version: Unknown Long version: I have looked into that for 30min and did not find out why. Most likely, you would not have cared, anyway. It is just something that gets stuck. The trigger around the Skylight outside the club (that sets onmission=1 and is required to progress) did not get triggered, as evident by the lack of spawns, for example.

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No, I did this mission OM1 w/out holding phonecall. So even if I don't enter trigger area it should work in anyway. If I enter this area OM0 and set this to OM1 then camera should reset. I never ever got reset camera on my runs because I'm doing this mission OM1. Btw. sorry for bad english. :>


The Green Sabre [At the very start] Problem: The phone gets "glued" to CJ's hand. Video (there is nothing new after one try to fix it) Prevention: Make sure to park your car in a spot where it despawns. Intervention: Do as Reset does and mash F to enter the car, then exit. Problem solved.

Home Coming [quote]ive lost 2 runs because an ambulance came to revive the dead drug dealers after home coming[/quote]

Beat Down on B Dup Sweet getting run over. Happens frustratingly often. Solution: This, for example: http://i.imgur.com/OkdYEGk.png

Kamiks, the onmission flag does not affect this mission in the slightest. "Camera.SetBehindPlayer" happens regardless.

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I edited the intro post: I added this 555 meme

Regarding the Ice Cold Killa phone pickup: The corona and the phone are both lies. The trigger (where CJ needs to go to get the Cesar call) is above (more correct is putting it the other way around: the phone and corona are put at the ground level below the trigger). Most likely you need to jump from your bike to get the necessary height.

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OG Loc Problem: [While you shoot at Freddie] Traffic pushes you away. Prevention: You need to minimize the time you wait for Freddy, so that cars have less time to spawn and approach you.

Reset's route (it saves time in the process): Video

Life's A Beach If no homies spawn at the beach, none will spawn until you trigger the DJ cutscene -> do so asap.

Running Dog Problem: Panicking drivers after murdering the Vago. Prevention: Flick your camera. That despawns some spooked traffic and also spawns new unspooked cars. Video

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Barber's bullshit: I chose haircut and Old Reece did nothing and I had to chose again haircut...


Most people have probably encountered homies jumping out of vehicle while on Los Desperados. The reason for it is that during riots there is always a police helicopter flying around LS. On its spawn it selects a random ped (either a gang member or a regular male ped; he also shouldn't have a task 'wandering' - probably to select those fighting/shooting in the streets) or a vehicle and follows him/it. If it happens to be a ped, he starts fleeing. Homies in player's group are not exception, it causes them to jump out of the car and flee from heli.

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it happens sometimes [w something that has to to w holding the action button obv] and he figured out how to fix it anyway.

Virginia, USA

okay I was told to post this here s on some om0 missios cj will start shooting for no reason with none of my buttons pressed down and it mostly happens on out rider and it happens throught the game heres a clip from my pb wwith a voice explination of what happens


High Jack Pay attention when duping High Jack. Cesar is very dumb when the flipped Savanna catches fire and blows up. Just enter the bike from the left side, I guess.

Video mirror (because Twitch is fucking Twitch)


Regarding Cesar being too dumb to enter the bike in Highjack: I prefer this way of helping Cesar get on the bike quickly - have him approach from the left. I have not tested it a whole lot.

[quote] by ult1matum Next video: "[Ryder] How to blow up Ryder's car" [/quote]

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Reminder that this. keeps. happening (judging by me having seen it multiple times without watching AM/100% streams all the time) The idiot gets stuck -> you fail by "spooking" her. Anticipate it. ^^ https://i.imgur.com/gkSVXcv.png


Ammunation softlock/ Barber Shop picking your own haircut/ In Cesar Vialpando you get the paintjob menu instead of nitrous menu timeloss cause: You pick the item too fast...

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Because you missed jump and you didnt have full hp so it didnt save you from falling. It only works when you have full hp.


Fall damage is capped to slightly below max health in SA

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