Duping in the Definitive Edition?
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Duping in the Definitive Edition?

Does anyone know if its possible to dupe in the Definitive Edition? I'm trying to get an Andromada but it requires a dupe.. I've tried holding the phone call but it starts the mission without the call.

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impossible afaik

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More than possible. First way: Duping by the submissions. Second:

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is duplication allowed in any % of the definitive?

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Most likely yes, bcs I remember how's goingHam was playing any% de with dupes. But he didn't do normal run because this is much slower than nmg even 1st setup = random. 2nd = too long

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It's not NMG so yes, it is allowed. Also Definitive Edition has it's own page - https://www.speedrun.com/gtasa_remastered

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It's possible but really hard and slow. There are 3 setups:

  • The first one is the one Cookie posted.
  • The second one is this one ->
  • Third one is Vigilante with frame limiter to 3 to get the same glitch that you use in any% for LS duping.

Anyways is still slow because you cannot hold calls nor deactivate vigilante on foot in this version (at least not yet).


so it's better not to do the dupes in a run?

@alekfumante exactly

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Any% allows everything that can be done inside the game without cheat codes and third-party programs.


(Except for third party programs specifically allowed in/by the rules.)

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