Analyzing The run (Actually) Heres what i found
2 years ago
Tennessee, USA

bro he was literally streaming there is no way he cheated. he always has those images they arent something new a lot of goi speedrunners have those and how would those images help him cheat in anyway.

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Reno, NV, USA

how about you eat my balls how about that yeah? (moderater input)

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Pennsylvania, USA
Any/All, He/Him, She/Her, They/Them, It/Its
2 years ago

i agree with squilly (world record holder input)

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Prince Edward Island, Canada

I agree with squilly (muck world record holder input)

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London, England

i agree with squilly (another moderator input)

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i agree with squilly (Bennett's assistant input)

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i agree with squilly (moderator input, but not british like loop so my opinion is actually more valid)

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Reno, NV, USA

I agree with squilly (double squilly certification)

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please just delete this post everything you have typed is wrong

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@Game_Gen you obviously dont know how zoomers play this game, they go full yolo and its all or nothing for them (which is probably for the better playing this game) so him getting a good run like this is statistically unlikely but it definitely can happen and it most likely did.

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i agree with squilly (keep talking and nobody explodes snip snap world record holder input)

London, England

since no one's actually given you a straight answer here's why youre wrong: -tassing has nothing to do with his rta achivements. whenever yeet does anything in tas, he has never claimed it to be rta and probably never will. He was also streaming when he got wr so there was no way for him to switch to his tastool. Lastly, the current hitachihex tastool, the one yeet's using, is in version 1.599, and yeet was playing in 1.6 -everyone can agree that the chances were slim. however, something that not everyone knows is yeet's consistency. that stream alone he was getting 1:11 runs back-to-back, and this is common for yeet. his wr was just an amazing string of his best playing. -yeet has been in the community for over a year, yes. in that time, he has become a very trusted player -those images in each corner won't affect anything. they are translucent, so he can't use them to hide any potential tastool. They are also not new, he has had those for around a year. -the tastool (or "cheat engine" as you refer to it as) does have a watermark. It is in the top left corner and it displays a lot of tas information. If you were to actually watch any of yeet's tassing content you would've probably notice that. -the modpack information disappearing happens in every speedrun lmao. that's a feature built into the modpack presumably to prevent distractions. -yeet's 1:02 actually has more mistakes in it then blast's 1:02. yeet's last 3 were what carried his run to wr, you yourself point out how good his tower was. AS13B made a graph comparing the difference in time that the two 1:02s had across the run, and i can link that in this message later. -in your hypothetical, where yeet recorded the entire stream beforehand with a tastool and splicing, this would just be very impractical. if you were to watch the vod, yeet goes in and out of discord throughout the stream. you can cross check the times to see that the messages being displayed were infact the ones said at the time of the livestream, and it would be near impossible to have to go out of pre-recorded runs, and live discord messages.

in conclusion, i agree with squilly

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loop actually using his brain to form a logical argument, you see something new every day

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Ohio, USA


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Denver, CO, USA

yall are givin me a hole but load of hate for just a theory, thats the problem with the internet nobody can respect others opinions

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Tennessee, USA

"hole but load" I think you should've at least passed 1st grade before going online and talking like you know a bunch about something when you clearly don't.

Pennsylvania, USA
Any/All, He/Him, She/Her, They/Them, It/Its
2 years ago

you brought up stupid, invalid points, and youre crying about us calling you out for it? dont talk about things that you dont know about

United States

Is this kid high?

Pennsylvania, USA
Any/All, He/Him, She/Her, They/Them, It/Its
2 years ago

bruh he has a 1:43 without trackpad tuning


he must be blastbolt undercover

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