Slight change to the individual levels.
Slight change to the individual levels.
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Over recent, there has been an influx of interest in the individual levels (ILs) on the board. However, most of these runs have been submitted by mobile players without timers which makes them almost impossible to retime. Because of this, we have made a slight change to the IL rules. Now, when submitting an IL run, your video must have a timer or it will be rejected. For PC, that just means showing the in-game modded timer from Anjo2's modpack and showing the gold split. For mobile, this is a slightly trickier process of editing a timer onto your video. This will ONLY affect the individual level submission and a timer is not required for glitchless%. I understand that this makes it more annoying for some runners but I hope that those understand the purpose for this rule change.


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It has now been decided by the mod team that mobile runs should not be allowed on the individual level leaderboard due to their inaccuracy in timing. All mobile runs will be removed and no more will be ac

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