Rules Update
Rules Update
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Over the past couple days, the mods have been busy working on updating the rules on the board as they have been outdated a while and do not fit with the current speed run and its conventions. Most of the rules have remained the same, just with new wording to fit the run better, however there are some changes in the rules which I'll highlight now.

Using the Multiplayer mod is now allowed for speedruns, as long as the people in your server are not being intrusive. I understand a lot of people have been wanting this for quite a while, so I'm happy to say it's now being allowed.

Since our previous rule update, there has been a lot more cosmetic mods created for the game, and now our new rules reflects this. We allow most non-intrusive cosmetic mods now for speedruns. For a full list of mods allowed, consult: .

A lot of rules that have been added in these new ruleset are rules that have already been enforced by moderators but not explicitly mentioned. Here is what they are:

-Any troll runs or runs over an hour are to be rejected

-Split regions are allowed for speedruns.

-A mentioning of how runs are punished is to the discretion of the moderator, basically meaning a moderator can decide whether to reject a run or not if the moderator thinks the rule broken isn't that severe or the run isn't high enough on the leaderboard to need to be as strict with

Finally, a couple rules have been added to prevent cheaters. This part will only matter to runners high up on the leaderboard so if your time isn't sub 1:20 or below you won't even see a difference.

The two rules added is that runners high up on the leaderboard must have audio, and be able to verify their skill outside of their runs. That second point mostly applies to runners submitting lower times as their first submissions, as unlike the majority of runners high up on the leaderboard, they do not have a backlog of runs proving their skill.

Those are main points. Even though there's a lot more words I think you can see we've mostly just tried to make things more clear and iron out any outdated or unclear points, as well as adding new ones that better suit the current state of the game. If you find there are any discrepancies, please be sure to message a moderator on the discord (


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Rules Update
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