Actions against cheating
4 years ago
Galicia, Spain

Alright, as you may know, getting caught cheating used to result in a two month ban period the first time, and a permaban after getting caught a second time.

This is no longer the case. As it turns out, the influx of suspicious (or straight up fake) runs is way larger than we expected. Because of this, doing a research of every runner in detail or simply communicating with them is too much of a hassle for us to deal with.

So in regard to this, if you get caught (or if you are suspicious enough, despite not having definitive proof), you'll get banned indefinitely. It's likely that if a runner gets banned for a run that was legit he will try to demonstrate it, so it's up to them to facilitate any proof necessary. If these are satisfactory, the runner will be unbanned with no further discussion. Likewise, if the run was indeed fake, most people would probably just leave as it is (they wouldn't be able to prove their legitimacy anyways), and they would stay banned.

We hope you understand the reasoning behind this decision.

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Regards me of ccfst Chinese cheater

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