How fast a TAS could theoretically beat goi
1 year ago

like, really fast

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apparently at least 42 seconds


apparently at least 38 seconds

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Czech Republic

No I know tas 3, but theoretically the fastest speed

Massachusetts, USA

Simply put; as fast as someone can program the TAS to go, which as of right now is at least 38 seconds.

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Los Angeles, CA, USA

atleast 5

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cgoi player all think that 38 is impossible They think The hammer move too fast

New Zealand

in 10 years from now I think a sub 30 could be done

Mathew_William, i mean, 10 years is a long period of time, but this is about a 12 seconds difference between the best possible run yet and sub 30

Louisiana, USA

i think 38 might be the fastest possible


sub 35 is theoretical if a computer nerd with bajillion years on computer and tas knowledge joined the community, sub 30 is impossible

Los Angeles, CA, USA

34.767 seconds is my guess. who will be first to get this exact time?

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Czech Republic

@whitelistedd what we're not living in tas 2 times. the best tas is tas v3

Sub 30 will almost definitely never come, unless we're using the hat spawn glitch. [Take what i say with a grain of salt, though, since i haven't played GOIWBF in a long time. I'm basing this off of the fact that it's highly unlikely that GOISE will ever get sub 30, and considering the fact that the GOISE wr is less than 75% of the GOIWBF wr, i doubt GOIWBF will ever beat GOISE.]

Arizona, USA

^ what is this guy yapping abt

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