How to be moderator?
3 years ago

I have 1000 stars in gd, im top-1 in category 1-8. Can i be moderator and what i need to do for this?

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There's like...5 mods already.

One of them was online 50s ago, so I'd say your chances are pretty slim.

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Mod's don't want you because of your stats, they want if you can verify runs correctly and fast.

tbh I just want mod I can submit a good amount of runs per day.

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Manitoba, Canada

it's not about how many runs you submit, it's about if you know the rules and can verify runs correctly

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you know the rules and so do i

A full commitment's what I'm think of gotta make u understand

Any/All, She/Her
4 months ago

never gonna give you up

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