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I am extremely excited to announce that our website for tracking speedruns of rated user platformer levels is finally open!

This website was developed by ElohmroW, and I provided the finishing touches needed to get it up and running for our purposes. It is fully owned and operated by the GD mod team, and the page will continue to serve as the hub for full-game categories and runs of levels in the Tower.

The five 2.0 / 2.1 minigame levels that used to be on the leaderboard have been archived and moved to this site. You can find them at with the "legacy levels" filter enabled. If you have an existing run on one of these leaderboards, please ping me in the Discord after logging in to so that I can link them to your profile.

For 2.2, the site currently has some of the more popular levels ready for submissions, but you can use this form to request more levels to be added to the site. Please read through all of the rules and the FAQ before submitting anything. You can submit runs that you performed in the past, but keep in mind that any runs must be on the most recent version of the level, excluding decoration updates.

Please let me know if you have any questions or experience any issues with the site. Happy speedrunning!

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With the autosplitter finished and no significant changes to existing categories noted in 2.2, all categories are now open for submissions and verifications! While 2.11 and 2.2 are generally on a level playing field, there are some classic categories where the world record is impossible to beat on 2.2. If you are trying to get a top time in one of those categories, you can follow this guide to downgrade your client to 2.11. Remember that the autosplitter is REQUIRED for runs of all classic categories on PC, and is strongly recommended for runs of the platformer categories. Happy speedrunning!

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The new version of the autosplitter supports both platformer and classic categories. Read through this guide to learn how to enable it. You are HIGHLY encouraged to use this for all non-IL platformer categories, even though it is not currently required. It is required for submissions on classic categories.

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We have made an important update to the proof standards for Top 10 PC submissions for every level / category, effective immediately. Please read the rules below, and ask the mods if you have any questions:

“In addition to having a full recording of the run with game audio, top 10 submissions on PC MUST include audible key / button presses or a hand cam. Only having an input display is not sufficient. Additionally, these submissions MUST provide the full recording that the run came from, either by including it in the description of the submission or sending it privately to one of the moderators."

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Verifications for the 4 tower levels and the whole floor are now open! Verifications for all other categories are still paused. Please refer to the rules for these new categories below:

Tower (Floor 1):

"Complete all levels on a specified floor of the tower. You must complete the levels in order. You must have the "Show Time" option enabled. You must go from level to level in a timely fashion. Game audio is required.

Load Removed Time is determined by adding together the In-Game Times displayed at the end of each level. If a death is taken that resets the timer, the time for that attempt is also factored in.

RTA time begins the frame that the in-game timer starts on the first level and ends the frame that the timer freezes on the last level."

Tower Levels:

"Timing on all platformer levels is determined by the In-Game Time displayed on the Level Complete menu" "For tower levels, you must hit all boxes at the end and collect the coins that they spawn in for 100% completion."

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With the release of the much-anticipated 2.2 update, we have placed an indefinite verification freeze on the leaderboard until we assess how to best navigate the leaderboard changes that will need to be made. We hope to be back as soon as possible, but in the meantime, enjoy playing the update!

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NOTE: You MUST disable all Mega Hack addons before doing runs for the autosplitter to properly function! This includes textureldr.

It seems like almost have of the PC Geometry Dash speedrun submissions are from people who are not using the autosplitter. The autosplitter is required for your run to have a time without loads, which is the default timing method on the leaderboard. Without it, a run that should be displayed near the top of the leaderboard by default will instead be shown towards the bottom. The autosplitter is extremely easy to set up, and there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't be using it if you are playing on Windows.

Autosplitter Guide: Banned / Allowed Mega Hack Settings:

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I am extremely excited to announce that our website for tracking speedruns of rated user platformer levels is finally open!

This website was developed by ElohmroW, and I provided the finishing touches needed to get it up and runni

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