Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Hello everybody! We've had a lot of newcomers to the speedrunning scene the past few months, and since the old FAQ is outdated, I figured I'd try to create a new one. Hopefully this covers most of the questions we've been asked, but if not, expect this to be updated.

How long will it take my run to be verified?

This depends on many things, including who is available at the time, the run's length, and the run's placement. Generally, runs that are higher in placement are subject to more scrutiny than others. For the most part, short runs should take around 1-3 days. Some runs could take longer to verify, but we try to verify runs within at least a week.

Can you verify my run right now?

Please don't ask us this question as it's considered to be rude. This isn't a job, and we all have lives outside of verifying runs. Your run will be reviewed, please be patient. That being said, if your run hasn't been verified in 14 or more days, feel free to contact us. Moderators are given 21 days to verify runs, so worst case scenario, that's the longest a run could take us.

Can I be a moderator/verifier?

We don't need more moderators or verifiers at the moment. Moderator & verifiers are only given to people who have experience with the game, want to actively help the leaderboard, and are trusted & active members of the speedrunning community. If you ask for it, you're likely not going to get it.

My run got rejected. Why?

If a run is rejected, there will be a rejection reason attached to the run. If you still think something is wrong, please contact a mod and talk to us about it.

Where can I submit speedruns of user Platformer levels?

If you want to submit a speedrun of a user-made Platformer level, please visit Feel free to read the FAQ there as well.

Can I use Geode and/or MegaHack?

Please read the rules.

I submitted a mobile run to The Tower's mobile sub-category, but it got moved into the PC sub-category. Why?

All Platformer categories use in-game time, so the mobile sub-category isn't actually used. The PC/Mobile sub-categories are only used for Classic categories, and the only reason they show up in the Platformer category is because forces the same sub-category to be applied to every category. Forcing all Platformer runs into the PC category is our best option for now.

I submitted a 100% run but it got moved to Any%. Why?

100% runs require you to get all Secret Coins in the run. If this happened to you, it's because you missed one or more Secret Coins (Yes, we get this question a lot).

Can you add [insert category name here]?

If you want to suggest a category, please ask either in the forums or the Discord. It is highly recommended that you have a video of yourself doing the run. We're not going to be accepting joke/meme categories.

Where's All Gauntlets?

All Gauntlets will only be added once every Gauntlet is released and it is confirmed that no more will be created (like with Map Packs).

Why was my Classic run retimed to only use RTA?

By default, the autosplitter records the in-game time in Platformer levels. If you want to speedrun a Classic category, you have to go into the settings and turn on the "Classic Mode" checkbox. If your run was retimed to RTA, it was likely because of this reason, and this will be outlined in the run's description.



How can I contact a moderator?

At the bottom-right of this page, you can see a list of all the moderators. You can visit their profile by clicking their username, and from there, you can see their socials. Alternatively, you can message us using's DMs, or by joining the Geometry Dash Speedrunning Discord server (found at the top).

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