All Categories are now Open!
All Categories are now Open!
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With the autosplitter finished and no significant changes to existing categories noted in 2.2, all categories are now open for submissions and verifications! While 2.11 and 2.2 are generally on a level playing field, there are some classic categories where the world record is impossible to beat on 2.2. If you are trying to get a top time in one of those categories, you can follow this guide to downgrade your client to 2.11. Remember that the autosplitter is REQUIRED for runs of all classic categories on PC, and is strongly recommended for runs of the platformer categories. Happy speedrunning!

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I am extremely excited to announce that our website for tracking speedruns of rated user platformer levels is finally open!

This website was developed by ElohmroW, and I provided the finishing touches needed to get it up and runni

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