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After looking through the forums, I see a lot of reoccuring questions being asked, so I am going to answer them all. (More may be added later)

Q: Can I become Mod? A: No, you cannot. Any need for new moderators will be announced on Discord, not here. (Discord is pinned in forums)

Q: Is Frame Hack allowed? A: I saw Stikam address this a long time ago, and no, it's a hack and therefore BANNED.

Q: Can I do levels in any order? A: Yep, provided you do every level required and fill requirements before playing (E.g. 10 coins before playing Clubstep in 1-14, 1-18, 1-20 and 1-21)

Q: Can you verify my run? A: Yes I can, but we have a chat on Discord for this since it's easier for all moderators and it's much easier to contact us there.

Q: Can you add "<Insert Suggestion>"? A: Again we have Discord for this. However it really depends on how well you present the suggestion and if the suggestion is an actual GOOD suggestion.

Q: All Gauntlets? A: Something I’m surprised people even: A ) Want B ) Noticed was missing. No, All Gauntlets will not be readded until every gauntlet has been released and it has been confirmed it is the last gauntlet.

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