My 10 Demon Speedrun WR
1 year ago
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So, I recently got a personal best on the 10 demons speedrun (7:31:22) but it was rejected by something I did by accidentally pausing the level while I was on the level complete screen. Tbh, I don't know why it does that and I don't know how to "deactivate" it. But, when I did accidentally pause it, I quickly went back to the level complete screen so it could count as a completion. Does my run still have to be rejected? :(

United States

you just have pause during complete on in mega hack v7 but if that is seriously the reason your run got rejected thats stupid. i get that it is technically banned in the rules but looking at your video you didn't use it to skip out on the completion screens, in fact you probably lost a little bit of time from that because all you did was pause and unpause in the first level and never did it again.

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@GMD_DemonGamer Pause During Complete is a banned hack.

@Aarexx The autosplitter isn’t used for the Demons category, so I have no idea what you’re on about.


@Aarexx but autosplitter is very convenient to use

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u need autosplitter for time without loads

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this leaderboard would be a complete joke without load removal

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