Any% w/ boosters cutscene remover
2 years ago
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Boosters + CSR = crashed game.

EDIT I'd also like to add:

This guide has a route for Booster% w/CSR and within I also made suggestions for a CSR compatible Booster% ruleset.

It's not supported by CSR devs or SRC at the moment but if you feel like running it (old route or my new route) I'd recommend following those rules as they avoid crashes and other CSR compatibility strangeness.

tl;dr CSR crashes with Boosters, if you want to use CSR I recommend not using speed boost or auto battle at all - this avoids all incompatibility issues afaik.

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I think the general approach to adding categories is "If enough people run it the board will be made" so whilst I'm not a mod my advice would be to just do it, since you don't need a leaderboard to run it anyways.

From a more technical standpoint, the CSR mod can operate in unpredictable ways with some of the skips (specifically 2x/4x booster and Auto-Battle) which can cause skips to either not skip or skip incorrectly which loses time. Furthermore a handful of post battle skips can either break the 4x booster or cause softlocks if at max gil. So whilst it is possible to run boosters% with the mod in theory it is not currently supported.

With all that said, as I said previously, there's nothing stopping you from running it and at some point a board could be made.

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Yeah I was actually going to do it sometime this week, but I can do it now.

There are still some issues with the 4x booster but it's mostly working