Delay(Status Effects) Disable Glitch
10 months ago

Might not be relevant for speedruns, but I don't know where to write this so I'll write it here. Sorry for any problems. You might think that a character that can't prevent "Delay" can't really prevent it, but sometimes it does.

One if "Slow" fails. Like the attacks below. -"Delay Attack/Delay Buster" with "Slowtouch/Slowstrike" -"Status Reels" (When the hourglass is aligned) -"Gold Hourglass" -"Slime" -Dark Aeon's "Impulse" This includes cases where the target was originally a Slow. "Status Reels" and "Slime" don't ostensibly have a Slow, but they do exist and it only lasts 0 turns.

Second, if removing "Haste" fails. Like the attacks below. -"Tail Sweep" -"Condemn" -Dark Aeon's "Mega Flare" -Dark Aeon's "Oblivion" This includes cases where the target is not originally Haste.


To hire Yojimbo for the minimum price, offer 5/10x, 7/10x, 7/10x, 161/180x what he asks for. The order of 5/10 and 7/10 is free. So if the first value is 250000, 175001, 164501, 110451, 177825 175001, 117501, 148051, 177825 125001, 157501, 148051, 177825 one of these three. Minimum price is 177825.

And if you press the decision button even once after entering the prayer room and before this negotiation, he will be in a bad mood and you will not be able to hire him at the minimum price.