Ffx nsg speedruns with boosters
1 year ago

I noticed many of the <5 hr runs arent actual nsg runs.

And they include ffxed save files And they use the combat booster.

Just a notice for those attempting spots on the board.

United Kingdom

Hi Gallax,

The leaderboard is well verified and I don't believe any of the runs are breaking the rules set for each category.

There is one exception for NSG runs to allow Tidus to learn Flee, but otherwise there shouldn't be any sphere grid usage.

The combat booster is allowed only in the "Any% w/Boosters" category. I'm curious where you think FFXED is being used and for what purpose.

If you could provide more details or links to specific runs I'll be happy to investigate or help explain why something may or may not be allowed for certain categories.

Is it possible that speedrun.com loaded incorrectly for you and was showing Any% w/Boosters runs instead of NSG runs?