Seed Hunter repository?
1 year ago
Ontario, Canada

Is there a public area or Google Doc used to determine which seeds yielded what results?

It's possible I don't understand this, but if there's an optimal starting point when it comes to FFXHD-PC (CSR%) by basing it on the starting seed, I'd like to see a log of advantages and disadvantages.

United Kingdom

I'm not sure what you are looking for? Are you looking for:

  • Every seed mapped out? (Nothing close to this exists)
  • Possibilities on each seed? (A few different resources possibly have this)
  • A list of all possible things that can go good/bad on a seed? (I can probably give a non exhaustive list)
  • Something else?
United Kingdom

As a follow up, it would be easier to discuss this if you are able to join the discord server.

Ontario, Canada

Close to the second point.

I assume a seed has a number attached to identify it. So there would hopefully be runners that have saved the data presented during a run, using the Seed Number in question.