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5 years ago
Ohio, USA

Now that Final Fantasy CC is getting remastered, will there be a new category or a new page entirely? The Nintendo Direct revealed no direct gameplay changes except for added areas in some dungeons. If those areas are too "game-breaking", how would we handle this? New artifact and equipment routes, possibly?

Sorry, just a lot going through my head at the moment. This is one of my favorite games of all time, and I'd love to begin actually speedrunning it now that it's on the Switch.

Texas, USA

We'll figure that out when we get there. It's not something really worth speculating on when all we have is a trailer. I'd say the most likely outcome is either a sort by console feature or a different tab but it's unlikely to need a new game page.

United States

Honestly, I doubt we even need to separate them by console. The Switch is 99% likely to be faster due to lag reduction alone in glitchless categories. IGG is only possible on the GCN JP version, so we already know that will be patched.

There might be new glitches and that's the more exciting thing about this for me. New glitches are likely the only thing that will affect the leaderboard also.

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