GBA Equip Glitch Setups / Info Dump
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Tool for finding setups:

Memory editing software:

Squalr files for FFCC: (Download zip, extract to C:\Users{USER_NAME}\Documents\Squalr)

#GES Visualizer Tutorial

#Wrong Craft Visualizer Tutorial <Coming eventually>

Each item can be considered a recipe, even items that are not actually recipes. Refer to the chart in the GES-Visualizer tool for the recipe craft list. The crafted item depends on the tribe of the player.

##Clavat (M/F) Lizard Weapon Setup: Version: EN/PAL/JP?*

  • For some reason in my testing, JP didn't work, but it should have...

Version: JP/EN/PAL Profession: Merchant

Version: JP/EN/PAL*

  • PAL will only craft twice, making Defender instead, giving 70 strength Profession: Merchant, [Tailor or Blacksmith]

Note: Can be done on 1 GBA if making characters 1 at a time.

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San Francisco, CA, USA

Clavat "Lizard Weapons" are interesting because they can potentially lead to dungeon skips.

Also, if we could craft item id 0x02 1A, this would give us the ability to do Blitzaga +2. This may be possible via Wrong Craft on Clavat.

San Francisco, CA, USA

Skeleton (03 28) may be better than Lizard Skirmish (02 17). It seems to crash less.

Focus weapon attacks can be chained "in the void" to get back in bounds

Focus attacks have a cooldown of ~3s, and warp the player ~3700 units in the direction held. This can be done RTA.

Each OOB slingshot is a fixed distance (About ~3700 units), so you just triangulate to get to loading zones. 1 focus attack to get oob 1 to warp to triangulation spot 1 warp to get to loading zone

Health hacks used in these videos, but should be possible with food.

All setups can be found here:

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San Francisco, CA, USA

These are the two methods I have found for crafting Skeleton

The 1 merchant trip method seems inconsistent for the accessory craft, and it fails a lot. But it's faster with good RNG.

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We can almost bypass Skeleton by equipping a shield to mainhand instead. This bypasses menu crashes when switching to single-player.

However, this weapon will crash in many dungeons. Skeleton crashes too, but the crashes are avoidable.

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Useless, but steps for Tipa Lizard Skirmish:

  • Buy 8 food items (any)
  • Drop 1
  • Open command list
  • Drop all remaining inventory food
  • Open artifact list
  • Open command list. Wrong craft from tailor.

Requires Clavat, Merchant, Tailor

San Francisco, CA, USA

Crafting Lizard Wizard (0218), Abbadon (021A), or anything else is seemingly impossible unless we find a way to:

  • Wrong craft from Merchant (The menu is accessible via wrong menu Treasure Menu => Craft Menu, but the craft fails)
  • Wrong craft from Non-merchants without command list ruining our memory setups.

In other words, Skeleton / Lizard Skirmish / 3214 are the only glitched items available. (Note: 3214 is crafted from Skeleton, and is extremely crashy due to being outside the valid item range)

Also, leaving a letter open, then opening a Merchant buy menu seems to allow for additional craft menu memory manipulations

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Artifact memory is shared with wrong craft memory. In theory, we could obtain the artifacts:

<Ogrekiller, Sasuke Blade, Murasame, Gekkabijin> or <Engetsurin, Sasuke Blade, Murasame, Gekkabijin>

These would cause slot "A6" or "A5" to load into wrong craft memory. If combined with certain letters / command list data, this could allow us to treat our Gil as an item, and craft it into ANY item on the crafting table.

Unfortunately, due to how difficult it is to obtain these artifacts, this likely will never save time in any category.

San Francisco, CA, USA

We now have an insane way to craft any item outside the crafting table by naming our character a name starting with え, then getting a Rancher letter (which starts with our name) to load this character into memory.

Doing this allows us to set our Gil to any id in the crafting table, and craft items outside the normal crafting table range! This essentially gives us access to 80%+ of the items in the game.

  • <Assumes default inventory, Buckler from RBP1>
  • IGG 480 Gil
  • Unequip all items with GES. Tribal slot needs to be 4th equip, should show Sword icon.
  • Frame Perfect Letter pause glitch, destroy then equip Travel Clothes.
  • Go to Tailor, open Rancher letter fully, then do wrong menu glitch. Important: For this step to succeed, either the recipe list must load, or glitched text must appear on the screen anywhere. Any other menus should be cancelled via pause, and then try again. Important: Do not touch letter menu again until crafting is done!
  • Go to Merchant, open 'Buy Menu' to load merchant memory


  • 480 (0x1E0) Gil -> Crystal Ring (Slot 1)
  • 425 (0x01A9) Gil [DROP 64210 Gil] -> Gaia Armor (GES to Tribal, Equip [Wrong equip to Accessory])

Destroy Iron Lance and Iron Gloves (Free slot 0 and 2 for CLES)

  • 4545 (0x11C1) Gil [DROP 56490 Gil] -> [3.9k] DreamCatcher (Do not equip, Slot 0)
  • 5123 (0x1403) Gil [Drop 60412 Gil] -> [5.9k] Prism Bludgeon (Do not equip, Slot 2)


  • 4735 (0x127F) Gil [DROP 60800 Gil] -> Sun Pendant (Do not equip)
  • 4725 (0x1275) Gil [DROP ?? Gil] -> Ultimate Pocket (Do not equip)
<MUST BE LAST> - 4296 (0x10C8) Gil [Drop 61239 Gil] -> Firaga +2 (0x235) - Double craft for a free Ultima Lance (Do not equip. NOT frame perfect variant, the menu stays up) - Buy 1x meat on the way out - Frame Perfect Letter pause glitch, destroy and equip Ultima Lance (be sure to scroll upwards to avoid loading Lizard Warrior)
  • Artifact CLES and hotkey slots 0 (Dreamcatcher) and 4 (Prism Bludgeon) to command list slots 1 and 2.

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By doing Wrong Menu from an opened letter to a Crafting NPC, we can get a glitched letter list of 255 letters.

Opening these sets a flag 0x80 in memory, allowing us to corrupt some data.

Uses seem to be:

  • Corrupt tribe model 🤡
  • Corrupt inventory/artifacts for next character slot (likely useless)
  • Force unequip Tribal equipment for next character slot
  • IGG for next character slot (slow)
  • Reply to certain letters we have never actually received
  • Manip Gil sent home to family
San Francisco, CA, USA

By performing Wrong Menu glitch, then resetting the GBA, we can do a frame perfect unpause to gain control of GBA and GC simultaneously

Interesting glitch:

  • Perform menu control glitch from a merchant
  • Enter/exit the buy/sell menus a few times to eventually be allowed to buy stuff again.
  • Buy a few items.
  • Press pause twice to leave buy menu (but maintain GBA/GC control)
  • Open artifact menu
  • Open command list
  • Tap up once. This appears to access command slot -1 (or 255)
  • You should now be in a glitched slot. Equip some meat here. This will corrupt some data for the 2nd letter in your list.
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