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Misc glitches with no real home.

These will also be posted to https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13PfbJgxfLsa89DvYtD2gSSSW8tC5XFlvUUTqPhOFo74/edit#gid=0

Pause a few frames after pressing buy or sell. The GBA will remain unpaused despite the GC pausing. See Merchant IGG for video.

Very slow. Use merchant pause glitch.

From here, we can sell an item multiple times. However, subsequent sales will only give 17 Gil for some reason. Also, this can cause inventory item count underflow, resulting in a broken inventory. Potentially fixable with wrong crafting or letter item overflow.

NOTE: Video inaccuracy -- subsequent sales only give 17 Gil per sale, making this a very slow form of IGG.

Using Merchant Pause Glitch, back out of the merchant menu entirely to glitch the merchant. Talking to this merchant again will lock the camera in place.

Discovered by O.D.W.

Using two characters (ideally merchant/tailor), have the tailor send home a potato to the non-Roland letter. The next letter should have 800 Gil that can be duped with letter item duping.

<Needs video>
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San Francisco, CA, USA

Turning off the GBA on the last frame of character creation can cause partial data copy:

Also corruption of other slots (clear name, change profession, reset inventory, etc)

It appears to just corrupt slot 1:

Character corruption is a full character wipe. Nothing useful that I can find.

Since this creates a blacksmith in slot 1, if another slot already has blacksmith, this can be used to spawn 2 blacksmiths in Tipa

On JP/PAL, this does not do slot corruption, but instead can be used to cancel the forced character selection when using 1 GBA

This allows 1 GBA to create multiple characters without being forced to watch the cutscenes immediately. However, these will be forced later.

This does not really save time, because the same thing can be done by a 2nd GBA. Just reconnect the GBA after creating each character.

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