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I am looking to get into the FF7 PC Any% run, and I had a couple of questions. I apologize if these were answered somewhere else, I couldn't find the answers.

1. Where would I find the splits for the PC Any%? I see under Resources there is the international splits, but these are for the 7 hour run.

2. Where would I find the application for the FPS fix program required per the rules.

Again, apologies if these are simple questions, I just couldn't find them. Thanks in advance!



1. Generally you make your own splits; most use a program called LiveSplit for this which is fairly simple to use. Not sure about running against other people's times!

2. Can't help with that as I run HD consoles, sorry! Someone will chime in and help for sure, the ff7 community is really helpful.

Good luck!

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Thank you RJ!