Any% No Slots Notes PSX (with Guard Skip)
Any% PSX No Slots Notes/Guide (with Cosmo Canyon Skip)
Any% Slots notes for PSX (Beginner Friendly I hope!)
Buffered Corel Skip tutorial
Buffered Jessie Skip tutorial
Buffered Picture Skip tutorial
Buffered Shell Hut Skip tutorial
Cosmo Canyon Skip (PS4/XB1/Switch)
FF7 Password Manipulation Tutorial
FFVII 100% Detailed by crono7114/XeroKynos
FFVII Updated Any% PSX No Slots Notes
Final Descent Manipulation
Final Fantasy VII (Gold Chocobo - Speedrun Breeding Guide)
Final Fantasy VII Any% (PSX) "Slots" notes v1.0
Final Fantasy VII International RTA notes v2.1
Final Fantasy VII Slots Analysis for any% (More Accurate Timing Tutorial)
Guard Skip - With input display and commentary
Guidelines for FF7 PC 30 FPS (Method 1: FPS Fix)
Guidelines for FF7 PC 30 FPS (Method 2: Hard Cap, slower)
Memory Viewing Tutorial
PC All Bosses route notes
PC Any% 30 FPS Spencer IGT Manip
PC Any% Beginner guide
PC Any% Beginners Guide v3 (With Mansion Skip) [OUTDATED]
PC Any% Video Tutorial for Beginner and Advanced Level
PC/PS4 Setups for Aps/J-BIRTH/Stingers
Playground Skip Setup
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