In-Game second is the in-game second when entering Floor 62 of Shinra HQ. Cell B3 outputs the password. The modulo4 function is hidden in cell B1. (direct download)
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This is a savestate that can be loaded in the PSX emulator psxfin. Steproute-wise it behaves the same way it would be on PC so it can be used to practice and route steps for PC. (external link)
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Covers IGT 1:49:31 - 1:56:00 Tutorial for use: (direct download)
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Made for PSXFin. Includes utility save states for deriving memory addresses. (external link)
This is a modified save file to help save time and practice the skips in FF7 PC Any%. Drop this save in your save location folder (usually its under my documents if you have the steam version. C:\Users\User\Documents\Square Enix\FINAL FANTASY VII Steam\user_XXXX Make sure you have the launcher open before dropping it. Save #1) Practice Jesse Skip Save #2) Practice Button Press before Air Buster Save #3) Practice the Bar Skip at Wall Market Save #4) Practice the guard mini game in the Shinra Building Save #5) Practice the Barret Skip entering the world map Save #6) Practice the Picture Skip Save #8) Practice the Nibelhiem Skip (direct download) (external link)
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