Guidelines for FF7 PC 30 FPS (Method 1: FPS Fix)

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As of March 31st, 2016, FF7 PC 30 FPS Any% leaderboard has been created to create a much more fair, competitive category with users who own the PC version of FF7. In order for a run to be accepted, you MUST cap the game using FPSFix or Hard-Cap. This guide will show you how to make the game run at 30 fps (Field FPS) using the FPSFix method. If you decide not to cap the game at 30 FPS, you must submit your run to FREE FPS category

If you have any comments, questions, concerns please contact me! -CreativeEly

FPSFix Guide written by Learning Lab , Video tutorial coming soon

pre reqs:
¤ ff7 pc
¤ dxtory (download free here..
¤ fpsfix (download free here...
¤ OBS Studio (download free here...
¤note: obs studio is used to allow the fps overlay to appear on stream in ff7 fullscreen mode. obs classic does not let you do this.

set up :
1. open dxtory and turn fps watch on. make sure that if you were using the 30 fps lock that it is turned OFF
2. open streaming/recording player you plan to record your runs on.
2. unrar fpsfix to any folder where it wont get lost. i.e. your ff7 pc directoy.
3. navigate to fpsfix\hl-files\hext-in\ff7.txt
4. inside of this text document, change the last 4 digits to A940, save ff7.txt. Important: the blank line at the top of this document MUST be there.
5. now open the ff7 launcher. before selecting play, run fpsfix.exe. a console will pop up and start to return an error repeatedly. ignore this, as the game is not yet running, and select play in the ff7 launcher
6. fpsfix will find the process and automatically close, but will continue to limit your fps.
8. start a local recording or use preview mode in your streaming software. in ff7, navigate to a field map (not the world map) and note the average fps as shown by dxtory. IMPORTANT: we are aiming for 30fps average, the program does not lock at 30fps but there is a very slight range. check the videos at the end of the document to get an idea of what you are looking for. (29.98-30.05)

tweaking and optimizing :
since the purpose of this fix is to make fps as consistent as possible regardless of hardware, you may have to do some quick tweaking to get fps running the same as other competitive runners on your computer.

¤ best results are achieved by running the game in 600x480 in full screen mode, original graphics mode and linear filtering disabled.

¤ if your is fps averaging above 30.00fps you must decrease the value in fpsfix\hl-files\hext-in\ff7.txt. if average fps is below 30.00, you must increase this value to find the range that shows 30.00fps avg.

¤a note about hexadecimal: hex values increase as such: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, F.

¤ to do this, you must change this first two digits of A940 that you changed in ff7.txt. the "40" must always remain "40". the range you will most likely be working with is A0-AF. If average is above 30.00fps, you must decrease the second digit in A940 (the 9). if fps is averaging below 30.00, you must increase the second digit in A940, so 9-F. if it is still averaging below 30.00fps, try working with a range B0-BF. again, the last two digits in ff7.txt must always remain at 40.

¤ exit ff7 (you can keep the launcher open). open ff7.txt and raise or lower the value, save. run fpsfix.exe and select play in ff7, go to a field and note the change. tweak as needed until average fps is 30.00

¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤Important: when running ff7 pc there may be times were you get trined hellas by materia keeper, or you must load a mandatory save. in this instance, you MUST launch fpsfix.exe before entering back into ff7. I would recommend creating a desktop shortcut right next to where the ff7 launcher pops up, or pin fpsfix.exe to the task bar for quick access.

¤¤final note: if a run is found to average above 30.00fps it is likely to be rejected. check the videos below to see the fps range you want to aim for. so far there has been good success across all sorts of hardware, so you should be able to find a good value, but if you have any questions feel free to message @learninglablearninglab on Twitch or discord for help.

examples of fpsfix in action:
mcsullysulkin twitch VOD:

Cloudyfinal VOD on youtube:
CreativeEly VOD on youtube:

shouts out to meesbaker and DLBP for FPSFix program