Can I keep my Saves?
1 year ago

Hi, I am currently practicing Any% PC (Steam) and it´s going great so far!

My question is: Can I use different Slots for Kalm skip? The Guide I read said to use Save1 Slot 1 and Save 1 Slot2, which both are occupied by my first playthrough. I went to the Game Directory but there is only a save00 File that contains all saves I guess? So do I just backup that file and lose easy access to those saves or is there a way to move it to let´s say Save 6 Slot 1/2 or smth so it doesn´t get in the way of the skip.

Thanks in advance

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There are a few things you can do:

  1. Backup the save00.ff7 file somewhere (which I would suggest doing anyway, since Steam likes to delete stuff when you start messing around with saves)

  2. Open the saves directly in FF7 and re-save them in a different slot

  3. Rename the file with some other number like save06.ff7 (again, would suggest making a backup first)

  4. Simply use different save slots for the speedrun. The only difference is slightly slower menuing.

Good luck learning any%!


Thanks a lot! Never thought about 2. Too obvious I guess.

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