General DK64 Speedrun Rules
General DK64 Speedrun Rules
Updated 3 months ago by 2dos

These rules apply to every DK64 category listed on unless otherwise specified:

• Time starts upon activation of intro story [w/ ISG] or upon starting file [w/o ISG] - The starting frame for file select is the first frame the zipper appears: - The starting frame for Intro Story Glitch is the first frame the screen starts to fade out

• Time ends upon the start of the cutscene where K. Rool gets punched - The ending frame is the first frame the black cutscene bars appear on the screen:

• Start from a fresh file • RTA timing MUST be used, NOT the in-game time • In-game cheats are banned • Developer codes (e.g. B. Locker GB requirement) are banned • You may only open the VC menu or Home menu to reset the game, change controller settings or open the instruction booklet. However, accidentally opening the VC menu is tolerated as long as no advantage is gained using it. • You may use N64 flashcarts (Everdrive, 64drive, etc) to run DK64 as long as you are using an officially released ROM of DK64. • DK64 runs on Wii U VC using the original rom via Wii U VC inject is allowed as of March 6, 2022 due to the shutdown of the Wii U VC shop. • Only official Nintendo releases are allowed, unofficial emulators and the Lodgenet release (US version 1.1) are banned

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