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I don't have a capture card. If i can record my TV and stopwatch with my phone in decent quality, is that allowed?


No need for a stopwatch, there are ways to capture your phone as a video source in OBS, so if you have a computer, you can theoretically set up a scene with a livesplit overlay on top of your cellphone broadcasting video to your OBS directly, removing the need to put in a stopwatch in your cellphone's canvas and potentially putting more focus on the game itself.

As for recording video that way, video rules are to my knowledge not super strict for this game, to the point where I'm not sure a video is even required for lower-end times (Some restrictions were put in place after bogus runs were submitted a few years ago, but I think video rules are still fairly lenient). I'm no mod but I have a gut feeling that if the recording is clear enough, it should be passable for submission. I suggest if you go into the higher end of the leaderboard to get a capture card eventually, but for beginning runs this will probably be fine.

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Thanks a (banana)bunch, this clears things up a lot

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