New to running
4 months ago

I have 3 quick questions as I'm considering starting to run glitchless 101%

  1. Am I allowed to have an assistant? To clarify, as I'm running, I'd like to have my wife help me keep track of where I'm at in the run and tell me what's coming up next, keeping an eye on the map, and generally helping me stay focused. I would be the only one touching the controller, so I figured it would be fine, I just wanted to check.
  2. Is it okay to use HDMI off of the N64? I'm wanting to get an HDMI adapter for my 64 so I can use it with my capture card, but I wasn't sure if it changed timings or anything in a way that could invalidate a run.
  3. There is an odd thing in Crystal Cave in DK's room with the floor that falls out from under you where, if you fall into the floor, it respawns the homing ammo in the room. It's a great way to grind for homing ammo if you're low. Would this be considered a glitch or would it be allowed for a glitchless run.


Archie Forbes

Puerto Rico
  1. I'm sure there's no problem with that since you'll be the one playing.

  2. it is allowed, i don't think there's any big changes while using an HDMI adapter (i use one for mine as well)

  3. It is not a glitch. You are only respawning back in the room if you fall there (it's basically a death but you respawn in the same room and not at the entrance of the level)

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Thanks for the info. That's really helpful.

If I can ask, what HDMI adapter do you use? I was looking at maybe getting the one from Hyperlink, but wasn't sure of how good of quality it would be. I'd love to do a full HDMI mod (like the Ultra HDMI), but I don't have the funds or the hardware modding knowledge for it. Would love recommendations if you have any.

Puerto Rico

i use an Old Skool AV to HDMI converter, it's $18 and it works like a charm. As for capture card, i use a Mirabox Capture Card i got from Amazon. It's $40

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