Hideout Helm - How fast can it be done the intended inbounds way?
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I'm just curious, but what's the absolute minimum time required to complete the 'intended' route of Hideout Helm - that is to say, from the moment you enter the Helm and the timer starts counting down, to the exact moment the cutscreen of the last Kong completing their disablement of the Blast-O-Matic which causes the timer to stop? And thus, as an addition, how many Blueprints a speedrunner needs to obtain at minimum for an Any% Inbounds run?

I'm just asking, as there doesn't seem to be any category or IL leaderboard for Hideout Helm specifically. Although if it was an IL run or category extension, along with the standard rules, I'd add the following:

  • Timer starts after the intro cutscreen for Hideout Helm begins, and thus the in-game timer for the Blast-O-Matic kicks in.
  • Timer ends in the 'any%' run once the cutscreen that plays after Diddy finishes both of their barrel minigames which leads to the Blast-O-Matic being disabled fully and the in-game timer stops counting down.
  • For the '100%' run, the timer ends when you leave Hideout Helm the same way you came in after completing the following:
    1. Disabled the Blast-O-Matic as per the 'normal' run
    1. Completed Hideout Helm's Battle Arena
    1. Collected all five Banana Medals
    1. Obtained both Banana Fairies and the Boss Key from the room behind the Rareware and Nintendo Coin door
  • For said 100% run, you are allowed to have gained at least 3 Battle Crowns and both the Nintendo and Rare coins before entering the Hideout to progress through those doors the intended way
  • For both runs, you are allowed to have collected as many blueprints as you wish before entering the Hideout
  • You are not allowed to clip out of bounds, but any and all other glitches are potentially allowed.
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I am not sure what the fastest you could shut down the BOM with no oob is, but if you are doing an IL run and not counting the time to get blueprints, then you probably would want to give yourself 12 or 13 minutes to be safe as it is very difficult to shut down the BOM in under 11 minutes glitchless.

Also, are you allowing going through walls/doors/etc. that don’t go OOB? If that is the case, if you’re doing a full any% run, you would not be able to get into helm without having 100 GB’s (or 80 GB’s if you do the b lower glitch). And if you’re getting that many GB’s, you would want to get a lot of blueprints anyway.

If you have any more questions, feel free to join the DK64 discord. There’s a lot of people on there who would be able to answer any questions you have. https://discord.gg/0SFjSv4JkQcMRidH

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There is an IL leaderboard on the memerboard sheet. Also the fastest time glitchless would most likely be whatever time Connor gets in his 101% glitchless


My PB in glitchless is just under 13 minutes on N64 (It was 12:5x but can't remember the exact time). I think the best on N64 achievable is 11 minutes and some seconds. That means if done optimally and as fast as possible and you get the best RNG for some minigames, two blueprints is a safespot, as the base time is 10 minutes. I'm not sure if sub 11 is possible on N64, but it definitely is on Wii U.

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Glitchless, sub 10 is barely possible if you have perfect execution.

Whilst I doubt a "Helm No OoB" category would be added, the "No OoB" rule is full of loopholes (As SirSmack hinted to). For example, this implies that someone can go through a solid object (like the roman numeral doors) as long as there is inbounds ground on both sides of the object.

I would advise looking into the glitchless category: https://www.speedrun.com/dk64ce#Glitchless

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