A link to the Bingo page. Rules are available there as well. Shoutouts to Bismuth (external link)

By Community

Bingo "Cheat Sheet"

A guide created for bingo to locations and move requirements of every collectable in the game with navigation to jump to locations. (external link)

By qwillinallthefishqwillinallthefish

Data Sheets and Detailed Information

Information on the more technical parts of DK64, including: dance skips, movement speeds and moveless GBs (external link)

By Community

DK64 speedrun Wiki

Great knowledge base of DK64 glitches and tricks. (external link)

By Exchord

DK64 Unintuitive Controls, Movement and Speedrunning FAQs

A community-made compilation of unintuitive controls, movement, and frequently asked questions for DK64. This is a tool for anyone running DK64 from beginners to experts. If you wish to make a submission or would like to request access to editing this document, please message me on discord. You can find me on discord through the DK64 Speedrunning Discord Channel (linked in another resources page). (external link)

By zoruldazorulda

Glitch Database

A database of glitches discovered (external link)

By theballaam96theballaam96

Memory Hacking Guide

Guide on memory hacking along with an address table (external link)

By Exchord

Official Glitch Playlist

The official DK64 glitch playlist (external link)

By ManyMany

Practice ROM

A program to generate a ROM for practicing DK64 speedrunning. You must provide the DK64 ROM to the program. (external link)

By theballaam96theballaam96

Various Category Leaderboards

The best times/scores for many challenges (external link)

By Bismuth9

World Record Progression

Spreadsheet tracking the progression of the WR in all categories. (external link)

By ManyMany