(Legacy) Cuphead All Bosses Regular Advanced Tutorial (outdated)
(Legacy) Cuphead All Bosses Regular Advanced Tutorial (outdated)
Updated 4 years ago by TwoCplus

Live tutorial of the main Legacy category in Cuphead. Hopefully this helps anyone who wants to either start or improve in this category. Parts of the video are a bit laggy, so I'll try to make an edited Video in the future. The video has timestamps for every fight, in case you want to skip to that part.

Legacy Mechanics and Tricks 1:02 Forest Follies 12:32 Shop Glitch and Fast Equipping 19:52 Root Pack 23:49 Ribby and Croaks 28:54 Goopy Le Grande 43:21 Hilda Berg 48:31 (Glitch at 58:31) Cagney Carnation 1:00:21 Baroness Von Bon Bon 1:04:46 Airplane WSG 1:14:58 Djimmi the Great 1:19:12 Beppi the Clown 1:31:40 Wally Warbles 1:44:10 Grim Matchstick 1:55:30 Rumor Honeybottoms 2:07:20 Dr Kahl's Robot 2:17:08 Sally Stageplay 2:26:26 Werner Werman 2:31:26 Captain Brineybeard 2:36:34 Cala Maria 2:48:00 Phantom Express 2:56:58 King Dice 3:10:40 Fast Rolls on King Dice 3:24:05 The Devil 3:27:05