(*Start Here*) Guide to Getting Started with Cuphead Speedrunning
(1.1) Cuphead All Bosses Simple Tutorial
(1.1) Cuphead All Bosses - Beginner/Intermediate Speedrun Tutorial (Regular Difficulty)
(1.1) Cuphead All Bosses Regular Tutorial Video
(Legacy) Beppi Glitch Tutorial
(Legacy) Cuphead All Bosses Regular Advanced Tutorial (outdated)
(Legacy) Cuphead All Bosses Regular Beginner Tutorial
(Legacy) Cuphead All Bosses Tutorial, April 2020
(Legacy) Hilda Freeze Tutorial
(Legacy) King Dice (9th mini-boss) Monkey Skip tutorial
[Info] All Boss/MiniBoss/Minion Health Total/Per Phase
[Info] Current Any% / All Bosses Legacy Route
[Info] Glitch/Trick/Strategy Collection Document
[Info] How to set up Load Removal and Auto-splitter
[Info] Tips and Tricks on Bosses and Run n' Guns
[Info] Version differences
[Info] Weapon Damage Values (Legacy)
🇯🇵 日本語版 Cuphead Speedrun情報まとめ(Speedrun notice:Japanese)
Kaleva Swap Variations and Luigi Swap Tutorial
Разница между Капхед версиями (Difference between versions. Original made by SBDWolf)