LevelFirst place
The Root Pack
Goopy Le Grande
Hilda Berg
Cagney Carnation
Ribby and Croaks
Forest Follies
Treetop Trouble
Baroness Von Bon Bon
Beppi The Clown
Djimmi The Great
Grim Matchstick
Wally Warbles
Funfair Fever
Funhouse Frazzle
Rumor Honeybottoms
Captain Brineybeard
Sally Stageplay
Werner Werman
Dr. Kahl's Robot
Cala Maria
Phantom Express
Perilous Piers
Rugged Ridge
King Dice
The Devil
Glumstone The Giant
Moonshine Mob
The Howling Aces
Mortimer Freeze
Esther Winchester
Chef Saltbaker
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