LiveSplit 'n' Debugger

Includes LiveSplit with autosplitting, splits for all the runs, both in-game, and real timers. Along with Cuphead's debugger. To use this debugger, Open the game and go into the hub-world, open, enable debug and press 0 in-game to have access to all kinds of tools. (10-18-17) NONE OF THESE PROGRAMMED BY ME (direct download)

By Goldenknight01Goldenknight01

LiveSplit/Info Program Update

Update for LiveSplit/Info program to make it compatible with version 1.2 Many thanks to DevilSquirrel for his work in getting this updated for us! - SalmonBuffalo (external link)

By DevilSquirrelDevilSquirrel


Cuphead 100% Save

just a cuphead save for individual level practice. 3 saves for each slot and readme included for installation. (direct download)

By funkydrops

Cuphead 200% Save files

This is a save file for anybody too lazy to run through Cuphead 200% and want all of the items. I included a save for every save. Be sure to check the "READ ME" file to learn how to add the file! (direct download)

By domcarminefilixdomcarminefilix


All Bosses (Regular, Legacy)

(direct download)