Max Cas. Changes, D.D.G. Returns, IL changes and more 2/2/23
Max Cas. Changes, D.D.G. Returns, IL changes and more 2/2/23
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Alright, big changes are afoot and more are inbound

[center]Max Casualties[/center]

It’s been in contention for a bit about having to kill all of the muds in Rupture Farms. Technically when you run through the whole area the score counter updates to ‘28 killed’. However, it does feel like the overall spirit of the category isn’t in the right place. So, with this most recent vote, we’ve decided that having to kill all of the muds in Rupture Farms will now be required.

What does this mean for all of the current runs on the board? Well, they are technically invalid. However, we will do what we’ve done in the past for this situation. When a new run is uploaded that abides by the new rules, all previous runs will be submitted onto a forum and be invalidated.

[center]The D.D.G. (Death Delay Glitch) Returns![/center]

After many years of hibernation, the D.D.G. is once again allowed in all glitched categories. Previously @LegnaX was the first person to use it in all categories back in 2018. The decision to ban it seemed very spur of the moment. The genuine reaction to the categories being obliterated sent the community into a state of panic and in turn, caused the D.D.G. to be banned abruptly. Now, since the years have passed it’s been determined that a return for this important glitch is welcome.

It’s important to note the auto splitter will have to be updated by @LegnaX before it will be able to function properly in Good Ending and Max. Casualties. Since both of those are going to have alternate routes because of the D.D.G. When it is updated a small announcement will be made. The runs are still possible to be run with I.G.T. just won’t have a functional auto splitter until it’s been fixed.

[center]Removing 100% Mosaic Lines IL[/center]

This individual level has always been in a difficult spot. As it stands the other two categories (Any% and Any% NMG) require the player to exit the IL in unique ways. Any% must take the D.D.G. and leave via the bird portal into Firevire Zone. Any% NMG is just the non-glitched route that ends with the player taking a well. 100% was the line between them, keeping the player from doing the D.D.G. and also taking a well with doing glitches. However, it’s very redundant to have this category since no muds are saved regardless, so 100% just doesn’t make sense here.

[center]Separating Category Split Files Again[/center]

A few months ago a mega pack was made which had both Scrabania and Paramonia first splits inside. However, since then it has been determined that doing Paramonia first is faster (only by a frame!) so the pack is going to be changed and reverted to individual splits once again with Paramonia first. If people want to do Scrabania first they can change the splits manually like before! The trial sequence in Paramonia Temple will also be changed since it was discovered that doing Trial 4 first inside of Trial 3 is faster. (The trials will be renamed to Trail 3 and Trial 4 accordingly.)

[center]Potentional Changes For IL's[/center]

During this vote, one that did NOT go through was separating endpoints for Scrabania Temple and Paramonia Temple. A follow-up vote will happen soon going over different options with these since many different members have differing ideas about how these ILs should be handled.

If you would like to participate in these votes, join our discord below and start getting some runs in!

All changes can be found on our change forum

Happy Running!

~ Marcus Raxal ~

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