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Since we did a vote on January 25th, 2023 all Max Casualties runs now require the players to kill all muds in Rupture Farms manually. Since that is the case all previous runs have now become invalid. This forum post will serve as a resting place for the previous runs that existed to memorialize them and also allow people to witness how strats are done.

Midi-Pyrénées, France

As of 15-10-2023, new Mudokon kill count have been set for Maximum Casualties (from 89 to 90 for PC, from 90 to 91 for Console)

This means that the runs being done with the outdated kill count will be archived here:

(Obsolete) 1h19m50s061ms by @UltraStars3000 (No IGT)

(Obsolete) 1h10m28s537ms by @UltraStars3000 (No IGT)

(Obsolete) 1h05m59s000ms by @Samtastic (No IGT)

(Obsolete) 1h04m27s998ms by @UltraStars3000 (No IGT)

(Obsolete) 1h02m04s495ms by @LegnaX (No IGT)

(4th) 58m07s600ms by @Samtastic (No IGT)

(3rd) 57m43s580ms by @UltraStars3000 (No IGT)

(Obsolete) 57m23s864ms by @LegnaX (No IGT)

(2nd) 53m35s820ms by @LegnaX (No IGT)

(Obsolete) 49m13s873ms by @l1ndblum

(Obsolete) 43m29s591ms by @l1ndblum

(1st) 42m53s932ms by @l1ndblum

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15-10-2023: Console, rule clean-up and Max.Cas new kill count

Grammar has been updated on several rules for better understanding. Formatting has also been updated for better readability. Some of the changes are duplicated from the Exoddus' rules update from 23/08/2023.

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