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This is a thread that is going to be dedicated to any and all rule changes that will happen within Oddysee. We will try our best to keep this updated so people can understand what things changed and why.

United States
  • (Any% NMS/100% NMS) The use of Slog Tame Glitch is banned.
  • Except for Any%, the runner will be able to restart the game at two different points:

  • (Any % Specific) The game must not be restarted at any moment during the entire run. Therefore, it is forbidden to load any external save file during the run.

  • As the game was badly ported from the original Playstation to the PC, it is likely to crash or have missing assets (trapdoors, ropes, etc…). These game resets are made in order to prevent memory corruption during the run and also prevent random crashes occurring during the run.

  • Resetting two times during the run is encouraged in order to prevent any issues occurring during the run, and therefore, the time spent from touching the checkpoint until the game is loaded and Abe is playable again will be removed from the in-game time (up to a maximum of 40 seconds per reset).

  • Spending more than 40 seconds during a reset will cause the run to only lose 40 seconds on that section, and the rest will be included inside the run.

  • Resetting a third time will not have time removed from the in-game time, which means that the third reset’s time will be included on the in-game time.

  • The established reset points are the next ones, depending on their path route:

  • As soon as the first checkpoint at the entry of Scrabania is reached AFTER completing Paramonia or as soon as the first checkpoint at the entry of Paramonia is reached AFTER completing Scrabania: Photo link

  • As soon as you touch the first checkpoint at the entry of Zulag 1: Photo link

  • In order to properly reset the game, the runner must create a save file. This save file may contain the same name as the level (the one pre-generated by the game) or one named by the runner. After the reset is done, the runner MUST load the exact same save file created in order to properly resume their run with the same status as they had before they restarted the game.

  • The recommended way to restart the game is: Pause, Save, Enter, Enter, close the game (don't go to the main menu), restart the game and load the same save file that was created.

  • Cheat codes, as well as debug more and other external features outside the gameplay are also forbidden.

  • The game must contain the cutscene files during the run in order to have accurate loading times.

  • The run must have a video following all the above-stated rules. However, if a run is validated and the video becomes unavailable later on for any particular reason, the run may be considered for removal by the moderators of the game.

  • 2 new recommended points have been added for restarting the game when you do Scrabania first:

    • As soon as Abe leaves Scrabanian Nests and touches the checkpoint on Monsaic Lines (on the screen where you get out of the portal): Photo link

    • As soon as Abe enter on Stockyards Escape (Return to RuptureFarms): Photo link

  • Duping mudokons on any category will not be accepted, whether it's done for saving them or killing them.

  • Some moderate frame drops are acceptable when submitting a run. However, any run with significant video footage missing OR substantial amounts of missing audio will be subject to removal based on the discretion of the moderators.

  • No files are allowed to be edited within the game. This includes custom sounds, animations, and all cutscenes must be present within the game files.

  • Any cheat codes or external software will automatically cause the run to be rejected. This would include programs able to alter the game memory values or access them with cheating ways.

  • Any turbo feature or macro/script in order to automate key presses will be forbidden.

  • Mapping multiple inputs to a single button/keypress is banned. Only one input may be mapped to a button/keypress no matter what type of input device is being used. The sole exception to this rule is in Exoddus where the fart/roll input and Enter Key input may be mapped to the same button/keypress because it simulates the PS1 controls. You may map the same input to multiple buttons.

Individual levels were updated and changed check 29 - 06 - 2020

  • Individual-level runs can not be submitted from a full-game run. They must be started individually.
  • Individual levels were changed added Monsaic Lines, separated Scbrania from Scrabanian Temple+Nests, separated Paramonia from Paramonia Temple + Nests
  • (Ruputer Farms individual level) The level must be started by the begin screen and time ends as soon as the player goes through the transition into stockyards.
  • (Individual Levels) Categories with n/a as the world record holder can not be ran. Any submission to those categories will be rejected.
  • (Mosaic Lines individual level) For any% the runner MUST use the bird portal leading into Free Fire Zone.
  • (Mosaic Lines individual level) For 100% the runner MUST use the wells leading into Scrabania/Paramonia.
  • (Individual Levels) All runs must show the level selection menu in order to be valid.

Two new categories have been added to the game.

  • Players are now able to do runs for 50/50 - Save half and kill half the Mudokons.
  • Max. Cas NMS - Kill all Mudokons without any glitches.
  • (Individual levels) Max. Cas NMS has been added into the level categories.
  • All runs must try to skip the cinematics as quickly as possible. If the player is purposedly watching a cinematic to take advantage of the in-game time being paused, then the player will have the time from the cinematic added onto their in-game time.
  • (Max. Casualties NMS) The player MUST kill all mudokons on Rupterfarms manually.


Updated: 28 - 02 - 2021

Updated: 28 - 02 - 2021

Updated: 28 - 02 - 2021

Changed rules for runs without videos

  • (New Rule) Any run new or old that no longer has video evidence will be instantly rejected. If the video is later re-added then the run will be reverified by a moderator to ensure the integrity of the run still stands.

-Any% NMS, 100% NMS, and Max. Cas NMG has all been changed from NMS (No Major Slips) to NMG (No Major glitches). All splits have been updated to accommodate this.

Due to recent confusion with what variables are allowed and are NOT allowed the rules will be updated with a clear understanding as to what can be placed on the auto splitter.

  • (Outdated)

Updated 12-01-21

With this new rule, any run past 19 - 12 - 20 with the GNFrame variable being shown will no longer be accepted. Any run with it currently being shown will stay on the leaderboards.

Quick explination from Legna

Updated 12-01-21

  • (New Rule) Any run with the debug menu being shown will be rejected.

All mentions of GNFrame or any other variables in the rules will be updated accordingly.

  • (New Rule for 50/50) On Rupturefarms the mudokons must be saved OR killed. They can not be skipped.

  • (Updated Rule) Any variable in the permitted section is allowed to be used on the auto splitter. If any other variable is shown the run will be invalid. Allowed Variables

  • (New Rule) If the player makes a save file the exact file must be loaded. If any other file is loaded then the run will be invalidated.
  • (New Rule) The use of RELIVE is banned for now but test runs in this version are encouraged. The developers of RELIVE will fix all speedrunning bugs in any% NMG/100% NMG and the cinematics. Also, the RELIVE version will have a better sound module than the OG that will possibly sound more like the PSX version with better music, sound effects, and voices all at the correct pitch.
  • (Old Rule)

  • (Updated Rule) If the true load-less time using ASLVarViewer is NOT shown on the runners splits, then 0.2 seconds will be added due to timer inconsistencies.

Added in new variable to separate console and PC runs.

  • (New Rule Console) All runs must be submitted with RTA only. IGT can not be calculated on console-specific runs.

  • (New Rule) Runs on PC (either Steam or GoG) and original Hardware are allowed. Runs performed on emulators (like Bizhawk, Mednafen, etc...) are not allowed to be uploaded on the Console category.

Emulators are temporarily banned until more research can be done with them.

  • (Removed Rule)

  • (Removed Rule)

  • (New Rule) Runs performed on emulators are temporarily banned.

New global rules will be added for all of the games. These rules are fairly understood within the community, however, we deemed it safer to have them officially be on the rule page to remove any sort of confusion.

  • (New Rule) Runs involving music or heavy external sounds that compete with the in-game audio are subject to removal based on the discretion of the moderators.

  • (New Rule) Users that submit runs then delete them and resubmit them repeatedly may be subject to a temporary submission ban depending on the circumstances. This determination is going to be on a user-by-user basis.

Updated grammar on various rules to make them easier to understand.

Main Rules

  • (Removed Rule)

This rule isn’t needed. The runner should be aware that the game has been altered. If it has been determined that a game file was modified, or some other external software was used, the run will no longer be valid.

  • (Removed Rule)

RELIVE will not be accepted in the current state. However, it is encouraged to test it.

  • (Removed Rule)

Seems redundant. They have never been forbidden.

  • (Updated Rule) Changed to, Spending more than 40 seconds during a reset will cause any additional time to be added to the runner's in-game time.

  • (Removed Rule)

The rule already exists in the restarting section.

  • (Moved Rule) Duplicating mudokons on any category will not be accepted, whether it's done for saving them or killing them.

The rule was put onto every category specifically.

Alright, big changes are afoot and more are inbound

Max Casualties

It’s been in contention for a bit about having to kill all of the muds in Rupture Farms. Technically when you run through the whole area the score counter updates to ‘28 killed’. However, it does feel like the overall spirit of the category isn’t in the right place. So, with this most recent vote, we’ve decided that having to kill all of the muds in Rupture Farms will now be required.

What does this mean for all of the current runs on the board? Well, they are technically invalid. However, we will do what we’ve done in the past for this situation. When a new run is uploaded that abides by the new rules, all previous runs will be submitted onto a forum and be invalidated.

  • (Updated Rule) All runs now require muds to be killed manually in Rupture Farms.

Any old run that doesn't follow this update will be invalidated once a new run is done with the updated ruleset.

The D.D.G. (Death Delay Glitch) Returns!

After many years of hibernation, the D.D.G. is once again allowed in all glitched categories. Previously @LegnaX was the first person to use it in all categories back in 2018. The decision to ban it seemed very spur of the moment. The genuine reaction to the categories being obliterated sent the community into a state of panic and in turn, caused the D.D.G. to be banned abruptly. Now, since the years have passed it’s been determined that a return for this important glitch is welcome.

It’s important to note the auto splitter will have to be updated by @LegnaX before it will be able to function properly in Good Ending and Max. Casualties. Since both of those are going to have alternate routes because of the D.D.G. When it is updated a small announcement will be made. The runs are still possible to be run with I.G.T. just won’t have a functional auto splitter until it’s been fixed.

  • (Removed Rule From ALL Glitched Categories)

Removing 100% Mosaic Lines IL

This individual level has always been in a difficult spot. As it stands the other two categories (Any% and Any% NMG) require the player to exit the IL in unique ways. Any% must take the D.D.G. and leave via the bird portal into Firevire Zone. Any% NMG is just the non-glitched route that ends with the player taking a well. 100% was the line between them, keeping the player from doing the D.D.G. and also taking a well with doing glitches. However, it’s very redundant to have this category since no muds are saved regardless, so 100% just doesn’t make sense here.

100% Monsaic Lines IL has been removed.

  • (Removed Rule)

Separating Category Split Files Again

A few months ago a mega pack was made which had both Scrabania and Paramonia first splits inside. However, since then it has been determined that doing Paramonia first is faster (only by a frame!) so the pack is going to be changed and reverted to individual splits once again with Paramonia first. If people want to do Scrabania first they can change the splits manually like before! The trial sequence in Paramonia Temple will also be changed since it was discovered that doing Trial 4 first inside of Trial 3 is faster. (The trials will be renamed to Trail 3 and Trial 4 accordingly.)

Potential Changes For IL's

During this vote, one that did NOT go through was separating endpoints for Scrabania Temple and Paramonia Temple. A follow-up vote will happen soon going over different options with these since many different members have differing ideas about how these ILs should be handled.

Photo link Photo link

New Categories

Yes, you read the title correctly, we are adding 2 more categories.

Added Good Ending NMG and Added 50/50 (glitched)

These were added mostly for consistency. Since each of these had its counterparts added it only seemed fair to add in the opposite versions and flesh out the boards.

Mandatory Restarting

This is something that some people weren’t entirely sure about but restarting has never been mandatory. Well, after this vote it now is! All runs must do at least 2 restarts on them for every category (besides Any%). So, what does this mean for older runs that don’t have the two restarts? Currently, as it stands: nothing. Simply because the rule was just now put in place, we don’t want to punish older runs for not following it since they couldn’t have possibly known about this change. Moving forward, this means any run that doesn’t do the 2 restarts will have to suffer some sort of time penalty. The moderators will come to a decision on how much it would be in the coming weeks. It has to be something fair for all runners but not too lenient so it can be taken advantage of.

Restarting Anywhere

This is another big change that is being implemented. Runners will now be able to do the 2 mandatory restarts anywhere they choose. Previously it was in the selected spots determined a few years ago by the moderation team. These positions will remain in place as basic options for runners to take but people can choose whatever spot they want.

  • (Old Rule)

  • (New Rule) Except for Any%, the runner must restart the game at two different points:

  • (New Rule) - All full-game runs now require the runner to do 2 restarts anywhere that they choose. If the runner does not do the 2 restarts then 5 seconds of IGT will be added to the final time.

  • (Old Rule)

  • (New Rule) - Resetting two times during the run is required in order to prevent any issues from occurring during the run, and therefore, the time spent from touching the checkpoint until the game is loaded and Abe is playable again will be removed from the in-game time (up to a maximum of 40 seconds per reset).

  • (Old Rule)

  • (New Rule) The recommended reset points are the next ones, depending on their path route:

Clarified rules for Good Ending, allowed restarts anywhere.

  • (Old Rule)

  • (New Rule) Except for Any% and Good Ending, the runner must restart the game at two different points:

@Abe's Oddysee


Fixed wording on some things to make it more precise and understandable. Updated the rules on Max cas and 50/50


  • (New Rule) On Rupturefarms the mudokons must be saved OR killed. They can not be skipped.

Max. Casualties

  • (New Rule) - On Rupturefarms the mudokons must killed. They can not be skipped.

Console Specific

Added PS4/PS5 as submittable options

  • (New Rule) Runs submitted on PS4/PS5 can not use the rewind feature. This ensures that all console runs are held to the same standard.
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