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I haven't done a run yet, but I'm looking in "submit a run" and there's no option for any players other than Player 1. I understand that it'd be difficult to do a run with more than one player on emulator, but what about on an actual cabinet, or the console version?


Haven’t seen anyone do it yet, but console or cabinet should make doing one pretty easy. Would be a fun category.


I agree we need a 2 player - 6 player category. I have a run ready to upload if a three player category is added.


All that would need to happen is for the mods to let us add up to six players to a run.


Those types of things are usually added as a tab on a particular rom set. It's easy to add if the mod is watching this forum.


New categorys created co-ops 2 player (2 players) 4 players(3 or 4 players) 6 players (5 or 6 players)
Arcade and console any suggestion please let me know