1CC Category?
5 years ago
Kentucky, USA

It looks like this was touched on in a thread this past year, so I'm looking to ask about it again. If there's any consideration to this being added given how different the run is, that could be really cool. I even have a run ready to add that was played on the 2P JP ROM with a time of 31:xx.


I can add the category if you send the information of the game (console or arcade and version of the game)

+1 to this. Actually having to worry about survival completely changes the way you play the game.

I've got a deathless run on the 2P JAA version I could submit.

Arcade 1cc (2P, JAA version)

Kentucky, USA

Zerst honestly should be the one to submit this. I'm working on my own time for it now, but it won't be as good as his (when I made this post, my time was in the low 30s, and his PB is like a 20:xx which makes mine look completely obsolete).

It's a great category though, and I should have my own run ready to be able to submit here soon. But definitely take Zerst's when he's ready to post his VOD.

EDIT: I finally have an applicable run of 23:05, so my run along with Zerst's would be a good start for this category. To answer the original question, 2P JP would likely be the best intended version to use.

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