1CC Category concerns
3 years ago
Kentucky, USA


First and foremost, I'm thrilled that 1CC runs were finally approved as a category, because they're really cool runs that offer a great alternative to the mutant power strats of Any%.

However, the requirement to show difficulty is a bit taxing. I have perfectly good runs that I would like to submit for each category, but they're archived and don't have the difficulty featured.

So my question is, is the rule really that necessary? If so, it should be fairly easy to discern difficulty by comparing enemy count to other runs, but while I'd like to submit these runs to your leaderboards, I have no interest in running them again just for the sake of showing difficulty, especially when the times on these runs are quite good.

If that's a final ruling for the sake of having a ruling, then I don't think I have anything left to appeal. But I am willing to offer these as good initial benchmarks for each respective category, if you'll have them.

Thanks for your time.


Sorry, but the rule is really necesary for this kind of runs.You will have to record the runs again in order to upload them.

Kentucky, USA

They're older runs, so that isn't going to happen, I'm afraid. Leaving them off the leaderboards just leaves this all in the same place as it was before these leaderboards were added. It really does seem like gatekeeping for the sake of doing nothing but.

But whatever. I don't mod this game. I'm just trying to motivate more people to push these categories because they're really fun and worth investigating.

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Kumamoto, Japan

Having played this game a lot as well in my youth, I can confirm there are very easy ways to tell difficulty in this game, some action belt games its more difficult to tell. However, As I personally remember Simpsons Arcade actually throws more enemies at you in specific areas.

To be fair to both sides, maybe it could be stated the exact numbers on difficulty to help verify the process, think of it as creating a guide, and a way to verify in case the difficulty wasn't shown. This was LRock san could help give extra information for this game and improve the verification process.

Sorry, I don't have any runs yet, just a huge fan of this game and would like to see it increase in users. I hope my idea is chosen, I am pretty sure LRock can provide notes between difficulties. Thank you for reading.

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