EAA Not on the Leaderboard?
5 months ago
Tennessee, USA

I recently started running the game on Fightcade, which uses EAA.

Could there be a catagory update, so we can have EAA available?

New York, USA

Hello! Sorry this post has lingered so long with no reply. The categories may be in need of some more organization/fine tuning and I am sure we can fit in the EAA category along the way. I will try and raise it with the current mods, though I can't give a timeline of when the organizing might happen, we will make a forum post to announce that the whole board is "under construction". I can make an EAA board so you can submit your runs if you are still playing the game, and again, sorry for the length of time it has. Since I have become mod for this game I have reached my limit of games followed, so I don't get notifications for this game...yet!

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