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2 years ago

So much easier than I thought, using a 18-dexterity elf to kill the party, who gets to -4 AC with the dragon trove. This is a very loose baseline, that could be improved by several minutes, just for reference:

The rules should specify that damage inflicted by party members to party members is allowed, just any damage inflicted by enemies/traps/fire and anything else makes the run fail.

The 17-strength / 18-dexterity roll is the 121st at character creation.

The only truly challenging bit are the scorpions in the fire dungeon. I figured a 100% consistent and safe strat to deal with them on the way in (see video), but on the way out it's tricky. It often works to enter the room, spam the lightning wand 5 times, then retreat back, wait until the lightning is gone, and enter the room again – if you are lucky the bunch of 4 scorpions on the left won't move and you can pass unscathed, or if not at least you can move all the way forward and trick them with arrows.

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Impressive work!

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