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2 years ago

Just some ideas.

| Fist-Only% | No weapons, armor or spells allowed (is it even possible?)

| No-Death% | 4-member party run. No character can die in the run.

| Pacifist% | This would need specifying the kills that can’t be avoided (e.g. Uklangor cave, etc), but anything else – even if requiring convoluted strats – should be dodged.

| 100% | All dungeon maps explored entirely, all static encounters, all special locations (pools and trees), …

| Enemies-Off% | As soon as run starts, enemies are turned off via cheat menu. This would be a zero-RNG run, with optimised movement playing a key part.

| No-Hit/Damageless% | This would probably be very challenging (I am thinking temple here). But maybe 18 Dex, plus magical armor/shield, and maybe ring of protection may make it feasible. After all, the Any% thief sometimes takes only 2-3 hits during a run.

| Fellowship% | Four halflings | Crusader% | Four clerics | Dwarf% | Four dwarves | Sneak% | Four thieves | Elves% | Four elves | Tank% | Four warriors | Wizadry% | Four wizards | Demi-Human% | Party comprises of one dwarf + one elf+ one halfling; fourth member must be killed with wand.

Maybe a category whereby no outdoor encounter can be dodged/reloaded?

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This is how the Enemies-Off% run looks like:

I think it's a great category for newcomers, as it teaches how to optimise movement and routing without having to worry about enemies.

As for rules, I would allow to boost gold via the cheat menu, but not to boost characters. The former to avoid the hassle of picking up the gauntlets of ogre power to sell and fund the caravan, the latter to bring a tad bit of suspense in the temple, where the wizard has to avoid pretty much all traps.

Edited by the author 2 years ago
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