My 'How To' Speedrun WotES Video Tutorial
2 years ago
Maryland, USA

Thanks for doing this - it is something our community has definitely needed, and hopefully it will encourage new runners to learn the game.

I'm only a few minutes in at this point, but I'm sure I will learn plenty from this video - even with my PB yesterday, your time is almost four minutes ahead of mine, and you & Lance have developed a lot of new strats I'm still catching up with.

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Great tutorial. I love making this game more accessible for new players. This game has come a long way since I started this back in 2016. I'm glad some of my original strats are still in the meta (looking at you 18str thief). I'm so happy more people are now playing this wonderful game and hopefully this helps to bring in even more.

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Hello – I thought to create a new tutorial explaining in detail all the strats used to run the Any% category, including the most recent ones. It's almost 3 hours long, very thorough, and admittedly a bit repetitive. If anyone is brave enough to attempt watching it, I highly recommend a 1.5x speed playback as I speak slowly.

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