i love how both you and klimb are soley goise and then the one-off run of something different and like being really good at that idk its funny to me

Oop I just now realized it opens in the editor XD

@n00bie i use it/it's -.- i've told you this before [ty @KlimbRio for getting them right :)]

edit 1: I live in a place


edit 3: WAIT YOU KNOW MY BIR oh wait no that makes sense nevermind

my parents won't let me i would if i could ;-; give it a couple weeks then i'll be 14 and maybe theyll let me [the website is blocked on my devices]

Wait this didn't happen yet did it can i join ill suck but i wanna join anyway

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Ah, people verbally assaulting eachother via the internet. My favorite form of entertainment

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Sub 30 will almost definitely never come, unless we're using the hat spawn glitch. [Take what i say with a grain of salt, though, since i haven't played GOIWBF in a long time. I'm basing this off of the fact that it's highly unlikely that GOISE will ever get sub 30, and considering the fact that the GOISE wr is less than 75% of the GOIWBF wr, i doubt GOIWBF will ever beat GOISE.]

isn't the liter than ever cheating, if pressing b is also considered cheating?

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and klimbrio, i present to you my extremely thought out argument: /pogostuck/

wait, the change in height isn't needed, you can't get through any new gaps if it's the og hitbox- okay, i'm sorry but this is so god damn annoying because the og game, the modpack, and your map, the hitboxes are all offset. By different ammounts.

okay so uh this is taking so long because of the fact that the way the game places the hitbox in the game is so different in the modpack and your map so hold on

Yeah, ofc. And yeah, that would be an issue- maybe I'll talk to klimb about adding both versions but idk if they'll go for it- and btw, cudos on the map, it is one of the best maps I've played in a long time

Okay I'll try and port recorder to map then- is using v1.0 okay? Both versions are great but v1.0 is so much better for speedrunning purposes because of mega rail skip making the run really fast

Oh well for speedrunning purposes I'm only really interested in gameplay, not really anything that would impact a speedrun- so edges and hitbox is it?

Edit: i forgor about the standalone recorder

What all would i need to change

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