If we get 3 people to record a speedrun of a map, we can get it added as a category, and this map is really fun and fast to speedrun, can we please get 2 more people to run this map?

so, we need to change 100%. Because I did mega mountain skip RTA. So we need to update the rules, and sadly invalidate Klimbrio1's run. Last time a rule change was added, the 100% run was removed so sorry Klimbrio.

Proof of mega mountain RTA:

A clip demonstrating Phantom Jump is at the end, so please watch that before deciding.

I asked Klimbrio1 whether "Phantom Jump" (Sadly, I don't know who created that name.) is a skip or not. He said it should be a community consensus. So, here we are! Should Phantom Jump be considered a skip, (Therefore outlawing it's use in no skips,) and if so, should it also be required in 100%? The case for it being a skip is that it does in fact skip part of slide, and bears similarities to Box Skip. Personally, I believe that since it touches slide, it does not skip any part of the game. But, tell us what you think, and we'll decide from there!

Here is a brief clip demonstrating Phantom Jump:

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