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Hey during Mario's 100% run his box broke against Executioner, but when he was selecting the box with Aika it say he has 4 Crystales box but when he selects the box with Drachma it goes down to three, during that next turn it breaks on Drachma. It happens again during the fight. Is there a way to manipulate the boxes not breaking? Like if you see the number go down and use an regular attack instead, it could maybe keep the box for another three uses?

SaltyRico1 year ago

Hey long time viewer and soon to be runner. I really want to get into running Skies but I know at the moment I dont have the capacity to run a 10+ hr game, soooo I thought of some shorter runs that might be worth a try until I (and newer runners) could make it to a full run. Lemme know what you think

We should make some meme catagories

Handkerchief %- get to the handkerchief outside Aikas house as soon as possible.

Bad decisions%-Choose all the bad decisions

Sell Dracmas arm%-Sell Dracmas arm as soon as possible

Chom%- find and feed all choms to Cupil

Overkill%- Use everyone's ultimate special moves in single turn.

Let me know what you guys think

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