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5 years ago
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So I have never run a game where it came down to MS, so this is something I am fairly new to. I did get a video trimmer that lets me start and stop a clip down to the frame which gives a precise count. Easy right? Well... Only when you are EXACTLY sure what frame to start with.

Using the current WR and its trimmed frame counted version, I see that the count is started on the first frame that cuts to the street view. I just want to double check that this is where I should start the clip, the end clip is self-explanatory as per the rules (as soon as the enemy fighter is not visible)

Just wanted to know this for future reference if I keep grinding this. I also think it would be good if there was an exact point of ruling since this is SUCH a short "game".


Västra Götaland, Sweden

This was the first game I fame counted as well, and my frame counting is from the frame when screen turns black after pressing start, until final frame the 3rd opponent is viewable on screen. This got accepted before I was a moderator here(I got added as a mod from no where :p).

So shall we all agree on First black frame until the frame the 3rd opponent disappears?

Also I don't know how to frame count videos from youtube, but if anyone ever want help with frame counting, just hit me up on discord and send me the video clip and I will help you frame count it.

So I accepted your time as it was submitted for now WolfMerrik, cause it did look like such a time from youtube point of view, but using frame count on something else might be far more accurate.

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Maine, USA

Okay good to know where to start the frame count. The software I use is VidCutter for Linux, it works REALLY great for frame counting, ironically not perfectly for cutting videos (go figure).

Having that be a clearly defined start and finish works for me. I think that seems like a perfect place to start the count and end. I couldn't figure out if it was the last title screen frame, the first black, or the first frame of the gameplay.

I am not sure an ideal way to count frames on a youtube video, but I could take a look at their embed player and see if I could make something in JavaScript that can be used to set start and stop endpoints. Might not be good for long games, but for short games like this, I think it would work pretty well. Otherwise I think it would require a download of the video and local software.

What did you use to insert the frame count btw? That is handy for sure.

Västra Götaland, Sweden

I use avidemux, so after cutting the video exacly where I want I choose Filters and go into misc and chooses PrintInfo. and that will add all that information on screen. Bet there should be something like that for most programs.

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